1. Kim Lindsey says:

    I Love You Courtney

  2. Elizabeth Lindsey says:

    We love you so much Courtney, we will continue to pray for you and Jim,
    God willing you WILL have the family you have always wanted.

  3. Discipula says:

    {{Courtney}} This is a hard providence, but I can say without any hesitation and from experience that it is God's very good providence for you and Jim and Abigail. We went through a very similar thing before J&C, and then again before Ethan. Praying for you in this sisterhood that no one ever asks to join. Would love to talk with you sometime about this all. Love you much.

  4. Amy says:

    Big hugs hun. You are very brave for typing this all out. Praying for you <3

  5. Best Wishes & prayers! You heal as you get this out & allow others to heal as you find you are not alone. Remember that God is still in your fertility process & dont let anyone tell you any different.

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind messages. It felt overwhelming to put this out in the open, but the positive responses I have received have been nothing but encouraging. I'm very grateful.

  7. Chas says:

    You are in my prayers. You are such a strong woman to walk this road, to not despair to find joy in life and to know that God can and does speak to you even though you feel like such a mess and are in such a tough spot. I do suggest the Success after Infertility board. All of the women there have had at least one child and most of them have chosen to try for another via all kinds of options. I joined when we decided to TTC #2 and had a miracle bfp a few weeks later and I don't think anyone was annoyed at all, they all have been very kind. And they would be a great resource to answer any questions regarding treatment experiences. We had a discussion just the other day about how even though we've all had at least one kid, infertility leaves scars others can't see and it still hurts even after the success, so I know exactly how you feel when people make those comments about already having A.

  8. Lyndse says:

    I love you and am praying for you. "Be a light in the darkness." My friend, Tricia, sent those words to me when I told her I didn't want to blog through Adelaide's disability (and some other things). I didn't how much to share, or if I should share at all. She reminded me that people see God's love and hope through the way we deal with trials. I can't relate at all to the infertility. I can relate to people saying dumb things. As soon as Adelaide was diagnosed, people said, "Well, at least you have more answers." Yeah. That doesn't help. Anyway, praying I never say anything dumb to you. If I do, please chalk it up to complete exhaustion and tell me – so I don't do it again. Love you!

  9. Meg says:

    Thank you for writing this. It is such a desperately needed area to minister to other women in! To be open about how much it hurts can be so healing, I think, both for the writer and reader!

    Keeping your continued journey in my prayers.

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