Hilarious Things My Toddler Says: Volume II

  1. Carrington says:

    How precious is she?! I just found your blog and it is just so sweet! I have a two year old boy, and I understand how funny the things they say are! I will have to start doing this!


  2. I love this ANSI can so relate! My daughter talk all day long and now my son is starting to too. Although at times hey make me dizzy with the talking – it's really sweet! Nothing beats them saying "I love you". This morning Elyse told me she liked my legs because they were "soft and oily" lol

  3. hello erin says:

    Ok. She sounds hilarious. I just want to come hang out so I can laugh my pants off at how cute & funny she is!!

  4. MeganB. says:

    Too cute and perfect

  5. Jennifer says:

    How cute!! I love the sleep excuse, I can completely relate. We hear those all of the time 🙂

    • Fortunately, now that the big girl bed isn't a novelty anymore, the sleep excuses have died down. That being said, now we're dealing with excuses for pretty much anything else we ask her to do! HA. They can really come up with some creative stuff when they put their minds to it.

  6. E Hayes says:

    Can't wait for A to be able to speak in a bit more sentence structure, you have some real gems here! Love all the silly conversations!

  7. Rachel says:

    such cute little sayings!!
    It makes me excited for all the things Nolan will say when he starts putting full sentences together 🙂

  8. Paulsen Mommy says:

    Haha!! I love her song lyrics.

  9. I can't wait till my LO starts talking…kids say the cutest things!

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