Spena’s 2013!

  1. Rachel says:

    Seriously, year in review posts are awesome to write! It's worth taking the time to go back and remember all you've come through and how much of life you've experienced in the past year!

  2. Omg. I can't wait to find time to read all of these!!

  3. Jennie says:

    I love all those sweet family pictures! Looks like a wonderful year! I’m doing a giveaway today and would love for you to check it out! Happy New Year!

  4. MeganB. says:

    Sounds like you have had a beautiful mess of a year.
    But, I think Jesus is smiling down on you and your family. I pray 2014 is glorious for you guys. =)

  5. Carrie says:

    I just found your blog and I love it! Following! I am also from MO, but STL.

  6. Marla says:

    Beautiful post! I, too, love to look back. Blogging has changed so much since I started 6 years ago (and seriously almost 1,000 posts later!!)….and at the end of the day….I love it so much because that's what it has been for me…memories that I might otherwise forget. My journal. Reflection. "Meeting" new people…and having fun along the way. {sorry for the late night rambling…haha!}

    • Not rambling at all! I agree totally. I love that my memories are all stored in one place. As I was putting together this post, I realized that the majority of my favorite posts are my Instafriday ones. Those sweet little moments with a short caption. They capture our days so well, I just love looking back on them.

      And wow! 1,000 posts! That's amazing!

  7. Carrington says:

    I only started following you a few months ago, so it was nice to be able to look back at some moments I've missed. My sister is going through infertility and it was so helpful to read some of your stuff. Praying for you!

    I will definitely have to do a 2014 review post. And the yogurt explosion post was my absolute favorite. It came at such a perfect time for us!


  8. Carrington says:

    And also, do you mind if I put the link to the yogurt explosion post in one of mine coming up?

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