Every Little Girl Should Be So Loved

  1. Brooke Haas says:

    So fun! My parents and my husband's parents live super close to us and it's always so great getting both sets of grandparents together! Lots of people can't say that so I hope I never take that for granted! Also, my daughter is a pro at memorizing every.single.word. of every.single.book we read so when someone else reads to her it's a total disaster!! haha! Such great and special photos!!

    • It is fun! Our families aren't that close…Jim's family is 2 hours away, my family is half a country away! But every once in a while it works out for us to all be together at the same time 🙂 And yeah, everyone gets along well so that's very nice!!!

  2. Courtney B says:

    How FUN!! The only time we've had all of Mia's grandparents together was for her birthday, and she was in HEAVEN! My parents and Eric's parents totally get along so I hope we can do that more often! But it's the funnest for me to watch our parents love on my baby!!

  3. I so wish we lived close to my parents so we could have moments like this! That picture of Abigail with her hands over her heart are so sweet!

    • My parents aren't close! We are in Southwest Missouri and they live in Phoenix! But, fortunately, we've been able to travel to each other as much as time and money will allow. Seeing each other as much as possible{especially while our babies are so little and grow so fast!!} is so important to all of us.

      I am thankful that Jim's parents are only about two hours away from us. We get to see them once a month or so 🙂

  4. I wish we lived near our families and could have them over for dinner! Oh and I love that you have Christmas books still out!

  5. Jenny says:

    I love her little butterfly wings and tutu! that's what every girl needs to play with grandparents!

  6. Ashley P says:

    That is too funny about the book!! I love that she and you all got to have that special time together. I wish my mom was here to enjoy our sweet Ellie but I know she is in Heaven with our four angel babies. Enjoy this time sweet friend!

    • Yes, it is always a blessing when our families can all be together.

      I'm so sorry that your Mom isn't here. That is so hard. But, there is one thing I know that would bring me great comfort about that situation is to know that she is absolutely loving on your babies until you can be there too. How beautiful.

  7. I love that they were playing Twister with her! We edit books as we read them too, especially older books that are just not appropriate.

  8. Rachel says:

    You know, it's funny, I can remember just one time as a kid playing Twister with my Grandparents and being so surprised that they were able to manage it. (Looking back, they must have been 60 at the time) haha! And the story about the book was too funny–kids can memorize so many things!

  9. Tay Harwood says:

    hi courtney how are you my name is Tay. I also have a 3 year old. I love the easter basket around the house idea. You guys do easter egg hunts too? I am so afraid that by the time it is really easter he will get bored with it by the time. I want to do that too. Do you have any recs for a good easter book for this age group? thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Tay!

      So far, definitely not bored with the Easter egg hunt game 🙂 We typically play it outside when it is actually Easter, so it is a little bit different than normal.

      As far as Easter book recs, we have two that we have read and really like:
      The Easter Story by Patricia A. Pingry
      The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones

      And just for fun
      Dora's Rainbow Egg Hunt{ I seriously think we read that one almost every day}

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