It’s The Little Things: Puddle Leaf Fishing

  1. Amy says:

    Such great photos! You have a darling subject, Courtney! Thanks for the link to the classes, I will definitely be checking them out!

  2. Such sweet pictures! Your photos look incredible. What camera do you use?! Hope your fish soup was delish ;)! Xx.

  3. hello erin says:

    Your totally rocking the big girl camera!! Love it!!

  4. Paulsen Mommy says:

    Great pictures Courtney, you have such a cute little subject.

  5. the pictures are beautiful! what a fun day!

  6. Samantha Kakac says:

    These are so great! She is so cute!

  7. Tricia Regar says:

    Very nice!!

  8. Ashley P says:

    So adorable!! I am totally bookmarking this page so I can check out Nicole's classes.

  9. She's too cute! I love the second to last picture!

  10. Allyssa says:

    I need a good camera and I would love to learn how to take awesome photo's! Im so jealous!

    • I saved my pennies for it! One year for Christmas it was all I asked for. Amazon gift cards or money to put towards a new camera and lens. I bought the body alone on amazon and the lens at best buy during their after Christmas specials. It didn't break the bank as much as I thought it would 🙂

  11. Candace says:

    Brian bought me a DSLR class, but I haven't found 5 hours of a Saturday I want to spend doing it :/ Is yours online? That might be a better option!

    • Yes, it's all online! You don't have to do the homework, but it's obviously good to help solidify what you're learning. He also got me the book that goes with the class so that once the stuff that is online goes away I'll still have the book to reference.

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