There Might Be A Little Dust On The Bottle

  1. Loving the quote. A lot! Sounds like a good party to me.

  2. Yes! Let's be friends 🙂

    It was amazing- if you ate a food that didn't pair with a specific wine you'd think "meh." but then when you took a bite and a sip with a pair that was supposed to go together, it was like puzzles pieces locking together. It was incredible!

    Just look up some wine pairing lists on Pinterest, it will give you lots of awesome ideas! You could plan entire meals around it. So fun!

  3. Sounds like my kind of party!

  4. Clarissa Hooper says:

    What a great idea! I am on the Woman's Board (planning committee) at my church and this would be a great event for us to plan!

  5. I am not much of a wine drinker so I would have had the sparkling cider ha! Why don't I drink wine? I don't drink much of any alcohol. I think I stopped shortly after we got married since I was hoping to get pregnant. So nearly six years later and no pregnancy am I am still dry. Sometimes I wonder if I should get off that train but I'm so used to it. Anyways I love that you have get togethers for the ladies in your church. I really wish I could figure out how to connect to more women but that's kinda out of my comfort zone…

    • If you're not on the train, might as well stay on the sparkling cider one 🙂 who really needs the empty calories anyway 😉

      Could you do things with the ladies from your work? Or join a mops group? Or a workout class or something? You live in such a big area- I'm sure you have lots of opportunities to meet people!

  6. Rachel says:

    Your title and "warning" cracked me up. I'm non-denom and I don't drink at all but I'm not inherently against it. 😉 Looks like you had fun!

    • We were raised that it was almost always a bad decision, one drink and you're impaired, and that Jesus didn't *really* turn the water into wine. Just, ya know, grape juice. Cuz the water was unsanitary back then.

      We've slowly but surely helped our families to be a bit more open minded about it all. It's not as scary as it used to be to them, and they basically hold to your position now 🙂

  7. Amy says:

    Looks like such a fun time with girlfriends! And yes, when I do buy wine it's never over $10. Ever. 🙂

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