1. MeganB. says:

    You rock mama.

  2. Sarah says:

    I'm with you on the secondary!
    insane how true these memes are. but still gave me a giggle!

  3. I love the snark!!! these are the best!


  4. " I used to be a lot of fun until my hormones made me go crazy". hahaha! That's TOTALLY me right there! Hormones are the WORST!

  5. I really don't know what to say when I learn someone experiences constant difficulty getting pregnant. Saying I'm sorry seems super lame. Like really super lame. However, I tend to keep to myself that we got pregnant the very first month we tried. I never want someone to think I'm bragging because of course, I'm not but I try to be sympathetic because I would never want to experience that myself nor wish it someone else. May your second sweet little babe be here soon enough.

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