Choosing a Paint Color: The Gray Paint Dilemma

  1. Love the two that you're liking as a dominant color – so prety. Gray is such a great color! Believe it or not, Wal-Mart has great paint. It has come in #1 in consumer reports a few times and it's way cheaper – like $14 a gallon. They can match any chip color too. Hope that helps xoxo

  2. hello erin says:

    We're getting our entire house painted this week (swear it hasn't been painted since the 20's). And our painter loves himself some Benjamin moore. BUT I think you can't go wrong between BM and SW! I love alllll your choices. Who knew gray could come in so many gorgeous shades?!

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi! I'm a new follower–and a fellow Royals and Chiefs fan! I love the Stonington! It's almost a mix between gray and beige. We've always done paint from Lowe's and once took a SW swatch to color match…but I, too, have wondered if there is a difference.

  4. You know what my votes are for! 😉 Sherwin Williams is still a good paint, but Benjamin Moore is just the best of the best! Since your main living rooms sounds so similar to mine in Seattle, I would go for the Storm! It seems like a bold choice, but it is worth the pay off. We had a dark brown couch and dark wood kitchen cabinets and it all worked! It looks amazing next time to white trim! Here is a link to some of my maternity pictures…towards the bottom are a few in our house so you can see it on the walls:

  5. I TOTALLY want to paint various rooms in my house gray, too! I can see myself having the same dilema when my time comes..yikes! Okay, so I totally think you should do Storm in your living room! 🙂 I think Dove Tail will be perfect for a bedroom ( just like in the picture!) Or even a bathroom? hmm..coventry gray would look really good in the living room, too! What's your window situation like? Do you have lots of windows in the living room? If not, then I would choose a lighter gray!

  6. Chelsea Covington says:

    I love grey! and i think the pics that you have chosen are great!!! I really like all the colors and can't chose just one!

  7. Jenny says:

    Ok I kinda love the Dove Tail – the darkest one. I think if your new living room has lots of light that it would be a great contrast with the carpet and the white trim! We had SW in our old house and it was great – easy to clean and easy to fix spots with. however it was crazy town expensive!

  8. I know my sister took a swatch of BM to SW an they did an exact color match and she was very happy with it. I am all over grey at the moment (er the last four years) so I am loving it all. I love the color of the dark grey but in our home right now I need lightness…it all depends on the natural (and artificial) light in your home. PS you could get a slip cover for your couch.

  9. Whatever you do, make sure you pick a darker gray. We painted our kitchen gray and it's more of a prison gray and let's face it, that's not welcoming. So we had to repaint it a shade or two darker and it's perfect now!

  10. I've been reading your blog for a while now (first time commenting though! 🙂 and I really enjoy it! I actually have used Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray paint in our laundry room as a floor paint (yep! The floor! It actually works!) And I really, really like it! It gives the room a nice soft feel and definitely doesn't make it dark or cold feeling. Hope you find a color that you love! Blessings, Hannah

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