The One Where The Flower Girl Slept

  1. So sweet. She must have been EXHAUSTED from her busy weekend to have konked out like that.

  2. So cute! There's nothing like sleeping on grandma's! The shower was beautiful, glad you ladies enjoyed yourselves!

  3. Kristen says:

    oh my gosh how cute is she though. love it. and that first picture is great, what are you talking about?! looks fabulous and those cupcakes look yummmm.

  4. Awww so sweet! She just needed her grandma to snuggle her!

  5. I truly believe grandmas have this uncanny ability to get their grandbabies to do things that mommas can't! How sweet that you were able to capture so many precious photos!

  6. Yeah, that is crazy that they cut marshmallows!! I would think some sort of icing technique would have been easier! That is some dedication. They look fabulous though!

    can't believe she conked out like that. Man, it is so cute when they sleep on you just out of the blue. Aria hasn't really done that ever though, since a newborn. Minus that one time at Disney.

  7. Those cupcakes look amazing! So cute that Abigail slept the whole time. She must have been TIRED!

  8. Samantha @ Elah Tree says:

    Cutting marshmallows! That is dedications! You and your future sis look so cute! P.S. I need some of those cupcakes shipped to my house!

  9. Rachel says:

    Those cupcakes look pretty amazing! And how exciting! Seriously, though, bridal showers are awesome. I know for sure I got way more of the gifts I used to furnish our house at my 2 showers than at our wedding!

  10. Not gonna lie… I could probably sleep like that. If my car naps in the middle of the parking lot are any indication. I pass OUT.

  11. So sweet! The places that kids fall asleep in always amaze me. Mason sometimes falls asleep at the Angels games and I'm always so amazed because baseball games are SO loud! Cheering and yelling and he sleeps through it all!

  12. M says:

    She is so beautiful! I love her yellow top ; )

  13. Sienna says:

    she's so adorable, and those cupcakes are so fun!

  14. What a fun day! She must have been completely exhausted!

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