Abigail Funnies

  1. Loling. Obsessed. Please don't stop posting these!!!! xx

  2. Oh Abigail! She is a hoot.

    And, in her defense I can completely see where she got confused about the guy in the work out video. I mean, Jim probably does run around in black spandex a lot, right?! Bahaha.

  3. hello erin says:

    Good point sister. The pool IS already wet!

  4. Oh girlfriend, you are in for it when she is older! I love little people and their open, willing mouths and thoughts.

  5. These are my fave posts. I love it. Breaking out in song in prayer is the best thing I've ever heard!

  6. hahaha! That cracks me up! She's so cute. It's a good thing you're writing all of this down now, so that you can show it all to her when she gets older.

  7. Tawnya Faust says:

    hahah! SO funny, she sounds like she has a great little sense of humor! These kinds of posts are my absolute favorite!

  8. Goodness gracious she is the cutest!

  9. Oh my gosh, amazing! Kids say the funniest things!
    Way to wake up your mom, Abigail. Hey mom, you smell like poop. Can I have some breakfast? LOL

  10. Jenny says:

    oh my what a "sweet" wake up. not really but funny! She has me cracking up this whole post!

  11. hahaha, those are all awesome! I love kids! They do and say the best things.

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