Just Keep Swimming

  1. Lizzie Simantz says:

    Awww how cute is she!? I'm sure you were so proud seeing her transform over those 2 weeks! My son is hesitant about water too but now getting a little better, slowly but surely!

  2. Yay Abigail! I am so excited to start on Monday. Here is hoping that it goes well for us to!

  3. hello erin says:

    I LOVE IT! And go her for overcoming being scared of putting her face in after the "incident". Seriously. SO PROUD!

  4. Awww…. what a cute story!!! My little one is the same way. Loves the pool on her own but she'd prefer to do her own thing and not do any lessons! Stopping by from the link up!

    Come by and say hey http://www.itsagirlgirlworld.blogspot.com

  5. YAY!!! She did GREAT. Scary incident and all.
    Way to go Abigail!!!
    Keep practicing all those learned skills at bath time. We've found it seems to help retain some of the newly learned skills (blowing bubbles, face fully submerged, even arm strokes and back floating).

  6. Jenny says:

    I think for being the youngest in her class and that scary incident she did awesome! Plus by the end she tried again – even better! That slide is the best reward for all her hard work! and seriously $35?! no brainer! 🙂

  7. Carol says:

    Stopping by from the link up! Love this post! My daughter is 20 months old and we did "Mommy and Me" swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer. It was a lot of fun but she was just interested in the pool toys. :

    Carol @keepingupwiththekaunes.blogspot.com

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