Stitch Fix Review #1 + WIWW

  1. Love this. Love that you included the packaging pics too!!!! You, my friend, are simply gorgeous. Inside + out! xx

  2. Ashley Alcorn says:

    I have been wanting to try this for so long, maybe I'll take the leap now. I LOVE the dress you kept! Hello tiny waist! You were speaking my language with the dress you didn't pick. When I try on something like that, all I see are hips, but my husband always loves them. Men!

  3. Jess Beer says:

    I love love love what you kept! Totally agree on the nos though…what is it with all the racerback tops? I put a note in my profile that I need to be able to wear a regular bra with everything – maybe if you add that, it'll help!

  4. Hayley! says:

    I love that first dress and agree with you that the polka dot racerback just wouldn't have been practical for chasing after your daughter, haha! LOVE the skinny jeans, as well–super flattering!

  5. Love the review but wouldn't loved prices too & wondering what range you picked. That color block dress is awesome!!

  6. I agree with Jim on the blue dress. I think it's fun and you look great it in!

  7. Sounds like an interesting concept. Love the blue dress that drapes in the front! looks great
    rom the link up, jess
    please stop by

  8. Laura @ The Everyday Joys says:

    Yay for Stitch Fix!

  9. Meg says:

    Oh my word that first dress was so made JUST FOR YOU! I love it! How can something be so perfect?! Now you just need to try Jamberry StyleBox so your nails can look as incredible as the rest of your gorgeous self (not that I'm dissin' plain nails, or painted nails, or anything else, but new pretties are always fun, right?!)! Ha ha ha. 😀

  10. LOVE the sleeveless ponte dress!! Fab. I agree with the hubs on the blue dress – it should have been a keeper! Women with curves look amazing. We were made to have hips!! Fun post.

  11. I am in love with that color lock dress too! It looks amazing on!! So fun and hopefully after I find myself a job I can sign up for this box!

  12. LOVE. That first dress is so cute. Glad you got a good first Stitch Fix!

  13. Nicole Layne says:

    Great review! I love that first dress on you! It looks so good!

    Nicole to the Nines

  14. Amy says:

    That first dress is adorable!! My first thought when I saw you in that dress was you could totally wear that to your brother's rehearsal dinner. 🙂

  15. Love the first dress to! I do love the idea of having someone do my shopping for me. But, I think having clothes delivered to my door step might be a bit dangerous for the budget. I will live vicariously through you on this one :). So, so fun.

  16. My grandma might like the floral top… love the pic =) Those jeans look great on you and I love the first dress too. You are right…the blue, I'd go a big no on that one too. Too bad about the polka dot top, that one is super cute in the picture. Although bending over with a kid is kind of essential. I love stitch fix, and yet I have never tried, so fun.

  17. Kristen says:

    oh my gosh that first dress is perfection!!! i want it. so freaking fabulous
    yeah that floral top is not cute! thank goodness you can send them back

  18. Samantha @ Elah Tree says:

    I love that first dress! You look so good! Ahh! I love razorback tanks! They are my favorite. But I'm not a huge fan of having them tie in the front. I always get bras that cross straps in the back that way I can wear a regular bra and my straps don't show.

  19. Allyssa says:

    The first dress is AMAZING! I love it! 🙂 I agree with the floral print thank you! haha!

  20. I've been itching to try Stitch Fix! I've heard so many good reviews! Maybe when the next pay raise rolls around? Love the dress!

  21. Rachel says:

    I like it all minus the red floral shirt.
    You look gorgeous in both dresses!!
    So cool that you got to try SF 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    just as food for thought in case youre sent a racerback shirt u like – racerback shirts can be worn w a bra clip. u can get one for $8 at soma and it takes ur reg bra straps and clips them in the back. just a small adjustment to make the straps a little longer and ur reg bra is converted. works great!

  23. Stasia says:

    That first dress is fabulous! Love it! And really I like the last shirt too… but my stele is a little eclectic at times! 🙂

  24. Katherine Toscana says:

    That first dress is amazing on you! I received two stich fixes while I was home in July and I ended up keeping everything.

  25. Love love love love that first dress! Good call on the keep 🙂

  26. yes that first dress is just perfect.
    So cute!
    I Love this idea – I had heard about this before but hadn't a clue of what it was. I am seeing if I can manage it 😉

  27. JoAnn says:

    I love that color block dress! It looks amazing! Thanks for linking up!


  28. You are so cute! I love that first dress, but especially your commentary beneath it. I got my first fix a month ago and didn't love it, so this gives me hope maybe I'll enjoy my next one more!

  29. Love the dress and jeans! You're right…the jeans fit you perfectly! You made the right decisions. I love the idea of stitch fix….just wish it was cheaper!

  30. Nicole says:

    You are way too adorable! Everything looks great on you! That first dress is perfect. The blue dress is nice. Very sophisticated but I know I wouldn't have kept it either.

  31. I'm way late seeing this post, but I love the skinny jeans! And that first dress is adorable on you!! Even though some of the items were a bust, if you ended up with a couple of keepers, that's a winning box if you ask me!! 🙂

  32. Jenna says:

    Those first two pieces are STUNNING. Wow.

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