Let’s Talk Baby Names

  1. Jana Tolman says:

    I love baby names! Unfortunately, Dustin doesn't like talking baby names with me either, unless there is an actual baby to be named. Sad day.

    For us, Joshua was always Joshua. Once we decided on that one, it stuck. Had he miraculously turned out to be a girl, the name might have been Stella, Nevenka (Neva for short, after my grandmother), Zoey, or Addison. Those are all still on the list if we happen to have a girl in the future. 🙂

  2. Heidi Paulsen says:

    I love Finn for a boy!
    Before I had Austin, I swore my boy was going to be Aiden, gotta stick with the A theme here. I'd always loved Austin but hubby didn't then he changed his mind. I love Abigail for another girl. 🙂 I like Aaron for a boy or a girl. Oh, I love talking baby names too.

  3. Jess Beer says:

    Chris and I love talking names…in fact, we have a google spreadsheet going with all the names we'd currently consider…his favorites, my favorites, and names we agree on!

  4. Amanda says:

    I'm in love with your girl name list!!!! Completely. My husband likes to veto every name I throw his way. Love the Betsy nickname for Elizabeth. Mabel!!!! I hadn't even considered that one, but I'm such a sucker for the "vintage" monikers for girls! Love them! I love the name Evelyn Jane too. Love love love.

  5. So fun. I could throw out boy names I love all day long. Our boy name with both pregnancies was Andrew Russell. Girls I really like Aubrey but Russ had a name association issue with it and he wouldn't allow me to use it, lol.

  6. July says:

    Love those baby names!! Nolan was our favorite for a boy, but one of our couple friends is expecting a little boy, and they will name him Nolan, so we have to come up with a new name if we have a boy next!

  7. If Mason was a girl, I wanted his (her?) name to be Ava Rose. We didn't really plan girl baby names though because we didn't really start thinking of names until we found out he was a boy…which was pretty early on. I wanted Mason and my husband wanted Noah…but I won and his name is Mason with a middle name of Noah. Win win 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    I LOVE baby names! Seriously, it's so fun. While naming Cash, my husband wanted Flynn & I wanted Eli. We couldn't agree on the other's choice, so we picked something completely different. 🙂 I have a long list of baby names. Some are Luke approved, others not so much.

  9. Nat says:

    Just found your blog! I love baby names too but it's so much harder when you're actually picking for future child! We did not have a back up name when we named our son, we only had one name we truly loved. Now that we're having another boy it's been so hard trying to come up with a name we both like!

  10. I was obsessed with baby names for years, until I had Aria and I guess that kind of calmed me down. Back as jr high or high school when my grandma and I would go to the bookstore I would go find a baby names book and happily peruse it until we were ready to leave. We had a boy name picked out before we were pregnant – funny, also a Finn (but Finnegan). And I was definitely obsessed with girl names when we got pregnant, and it took us a long time to finally agree on Aria. If we have another and it ends up being a girl, we'd be in trouble. We went through all the names already and didn't agree on any but one! Fun post!

  11. Cindy W. says:

    I think you you've probably heard me say my names but just in case…..Girl: Ella Pearl and Boy: Ari Conrad. Those are my names that I hope to use IF we were to have any more. Aaron has kind of changed his mind about Ari though. He says if we were to have a boy he would want to name him after his grandpa Jon. So he was thinking Jon Ari.

  12. Carol says:

    If/when we have another girl we are thinking Charlotte or possibly Kingsley. We really wanted another K name and I love Kingsley but nick is worried it sounds too masculine. Our boy name is Mark Thomas after our dads.

  13. Kelly Mock says:

    2 of your baby names were on my list when I was pregnant with my daughter Hallie! -We were dead set on either Bridget or Charlotte, then we had complications and I decided neither one was fitting enough. I needed her to have a strong name, so we decided on Hallie which is a shortened Hallelujah! It means praise the Lord!

  14. Hena Tayeb says:

    i like Charlotte.

  15. Jessica says:

    I absolutely have a list of names that I am hoping we have to refer to one day!!! Have always loved Charlotte (Charlie), which seems like a very popular moniker right now!:) Your name options are cute, and I will be hoping that you get to use them one day too!:)

  16. I love talking about baby names, too!! I really liked the name Caroline but my husband thought people would call her Carol. He really liked Gwenyth but I thought it was a mouthful. Ultimately, we decided on Olive because we both liked it, it was unique, vintage and Kevin liked the option to call her Liv. We had fun picking out a name and decided on it before Olive was born. We spent a lot of time looking at websites, reading baby books and texting names options back and forth. I confess that I also have a running list of favorite names on my phone so thanks for making it seem like a perfectly normal thing to do.

  17. Great boy name! Love Finn!! Hazel is a fave of mine!

  18. How fun 🙂 I've told you before how much I love the name Abigail…I have since I was young and still do! I have a running list in my phone too :-p It's not crazy…that or we're both crazy! And that's a great boy name!

  19. We are one and done but I have two baby girl names I would have loved to have used if Connor would have been a girl: Evelyn (Evie) and Norah.

  20. That's a cute name! Finnegan was on our boy list. If we went crazy (insane maybe?), and had a 5th baby, the name would be Cohen Anthony for a boy and Arabella for a girl.

  21. Sarah L says:

    My twin girls are River and Rain, my boys are Brian and Brandon.

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