1. Tawnya Faust says:

    I cannot even imagine the weight of your situation… I think of you often and pray for your little family. Someday it will happen and the timing will be perfect 🙂 xoxo

  2. Oh, girl. This left me with wet eyes. I pray so hard for you and your family. God's promises will always be revealed!

  3. Carol says:

    Agree with the above comments. God has a perfect plan and I have faith that someday Abigail will be a big sister! Praying for you!

  4. That is for sure she will be a great big sister. Love that sweet Abigail!

  5. Aaaahhhh that Abigail is such a sweetheart. I miss her! Hope I get to see you guys more soon :).

  6. Amy says:

    Sweet girl. Praying for you.

  7. So sweet!!! A Perfect God with a Perfect Plan!!

  8. Jenny says:

    she's such a sweetie! She will make a great "big" in some way to someone one day. maybe how you picture or maybe in a way yet imagined but she's ready to help, guide and lead someone in her own little way 🙂

  9. Kelly Mock says:

    How sweet! She will be a great big sister! Prayers headed your way!

  10. Kristen says:

    she is going to be such a great big sister! so fabulous. sending all my good thoughts and vibes your way, i hope that day comes soon for you!

  11. Such cute pictures! She will be the best big sister xo

  12. Susannah says:

    Oh my goodness, she really will be such a wonderful big sister!!!

  13. I'm crying right now and can't tell you how much I pray for this for you and A!

  14. Oh, she will be the best big sis one day!!!!! Hugs to you!

  15. What a wonderful helper! That really is the sweetest. She'll make the best big sister even if it isn't in the traditional way. She's got a great heart.

  16. This post is absolutely precious. She is such a cute little girl, and those little ones will be lucky to have such a sweet big sister. I'll be praying for your family!

  17. Our Momma, you have me in tears. God has the best baby planned for your family.

  18. Nicole says:

    I've had this feeling deep down for a while now that soon you'll be a mum again! Keeping you in my prayers 🙂 x

  19. This is the sweetest thing ever. One day, she will be the best big sister ever. But for now, she IS the best "sister" to Brecken ever! You are raising an amazing girl, Courtney!

  20. My heart just aches for you! I hope & pray that soon you will be blessed with another baby. Abigail will be just the best big sister!!!

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