Oh! Hey There.

  1. Tawnya Faust says:

    I was thinking about you this week and wondering if everything was ok, I even thought about messaging you yesterday haha! How crazy is that, we don't blog for a week and other bloggers are worrying there's something wrong LOL! Glad to hear your trip went well, it must have been so nice to have some R&R! xo

  2. Sounds like you have had a great week! Traveling without a kid sounds AMAZING. I could go for some of that.

  3. Kelly Mock says:

    How fun that you got to celebrate!

  4. Toddler-free traveling is SUCH a luxury! So happy you got some 'you' time!
    And, how about those Royals?! Oh!My!Gosh!!!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    toddler free travel woohoo!! sounds like an awesome visit and week all around! So glad you aren't as sick this time – so far! What a fun relaxing trip and yay for sleep and reading! I love the outlander series – which one did you read?

  6. So much fun!!!!! Glad you got some time to rest, happy weekend!

  7. What a fun week!! We just moved form MO and we never made it a Royals game! Its exciting they are finally getting to go to the world series!!

  8. Rachel Keeth says:

    Looks like it was so very much fun! Trips where you can relax, read, and just do what you want as you feel up to it are lovely.

  9. I am too excited to hear about your appt!! Been missing you. Umm I love the Bump and the Bloat! Hopefully I'll get both in the near future

  10. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Love your hair in a side pony! You sure know how to have fun. It's been forever since I've traveled alone… it's always exciting to be the boss of yourself for a while. Hope you're feeling great and having a great weekend.

  11. Molly - The Little Larks says:

    Hoorah for toddler free travel! Glad you had a fun trip. Did you like Outlander? That's my second favorite book series of all time!!

  12. So much fun! How exciting for you and for your friend and how awesome you could be there with her. Glad you had fun and some relaxing time too! Hope you had a good weekend!

  13. Susannah says:

    I'm so glad you're not as sick this time. Maybe that means you're having a boy. 🙂

  14. You've been busy, girl! Glad you're not sick right now!

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