1. She is sooo cute. Love that story of making a snow angel. 🙂 hopefully you're feeling better soon, no shame in the drive thru for lunch!!

  2. Love that you are already in the holiday spirit! Conor has three work trips throughout December (ridiculous I know) so I see a lot of Christmas movies in our future!

  3. Amy says:

    Cash loves those Mickey Christmas movies on Netflix. And I'm all for Christmas movies & decorations!

  4. Love it. Rock those drive thru lunches, mama. And yayyyy for your upcoming Euro trip! So exciting!!! xx

  5. I'm dying laughing at her story. I can just hear the emphasis now. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  6. Baby girl names? Did I miss an announcement? And plus also I want to decorate for Christmas!!!

  7. Mason LOVES Mickey so I'm thinking I need to find those movies ASAP. He would love them!
    Plus, baby GIRL names?! Is that a hint?!?!
    YAY for decorating for Christmas! Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Jenny says:

    I need to find those Mickey xmas movies too! I'm sure Callie would love them! Yay for Christmas decorating! We've been decorating early for years because we usually traveled at Thanksgiving and it's just easier to come home to the house all decorated… well we aren't traveling this year but we decorated this past weekend anyway! So fun! 🙂 Hope you start having more feel better days soon!

  9. Ashley says:

    She is such a doll! Love her tan coat!

  10. Jessica says:

    Listen, you do what you got to do when you're pregnant with a little one running around. No judgement here, sweet girl! I consider it a successful day if I get mascara on my eyelashes and manage to feed my little man something other than chicken nuggets:) Though, I will say, I am 16 weeks now and things seem to be getting a bit better (knock on wood).

    Also, WHAT? Is it a girl? How did I miss that news???

  11. Tiffany Hutto says:

    Okay this made me laugh lol! The pajamas in the drive thru…that's not a thing? Cause we totally do it.

  12. Haha her story sounds adorable!! Sounds like you guys have been up to some fun, hope you feel better soon – the nausea is the worst part :0/

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