Stitch Fix Review Box #4- I Almost Kept It All!

  1. Kristen says:

    lol I can get away with a shelf bra because my chest is so small.. not when I'm cold though, you really need a bra for that! i LOVE that cable knit sweater but yes, totally agree that it's too short, I hate that! I want a sweater like that and they are all too short on me. Love that eyelet top, gorgeous! you are convincing me to try stitch fix!

  2. I love the things you kept! You're making me want to schedule another "fix" again right now!

  3. The best part of this post was your faces in all the pictures and the tirade about the shelf bra in tank tops. I laughed. Hard. Look how cute you are pregnant!

  4. Erica says:

    I agree – TOTALLY love that black shirt! Good keep! I just ordered my first fix yesterday and I'm super pumped.

  5. Hayley! says:

    I love that eyelet shirt! It's funny that you mention the shelf bras! I actually love getting camis that have them because so many of my bras will show through the cami without them! I only have one nude bra, so even though they are super annoying sometimes, I keep buying them, haha.

  6. Ooh this really was a good fix! I didn't even know you could request the same stylist again, I might have to do that next time. I loved my recent fix (yet to be posted).

  7. Becky Goerend says:

    That's super great that they're sending out maternity stuff. I still want to do a fix sometime. I'm just not sure when… maybe for my b-day…


  8. P!nky says:

    You are so cute!!!!! Love your picks!

  9. I love your expressions when you show your items! It lets me know whether you are going to keep them even before reading, and I love that. 🙂 So cute!

  10. Amy says:

    LOVE that maternity top! Bummed that you had fit issues with the other two sweaters because they are super cute, too.

  11. I love everything. Too bad the red sweater was boxy… I think it would have been perfect for Christmas!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the purple top! And is it way to creepy for me to say that I also love the window treatments in your bath? Yes? Oh, well I said it anyway. 😉 Looking great, my dear! XO

  13. I signed up for my stitch last week using your referral!! It won't come until December (Christmas) and I cannot wait to try it!! Yay for purchasing maternity!!! SO fun! Hoping and praying that God has that in the plan for me sometime soon!!

  14. Hate it when sleeves are to short…. Ugh. That was a great sweater to.

  15. I LOVE that maternity sweater that you kept! If it wasn't maternity, I would TOTALLY go find one to buy myself! Great job Sophie! Your post makes me want to try the fix and request Sophie be my stylist…

  16. Laura {} says:

    That last piece! <3

    The boxy one is really odd. What girl likes awkward tops like that? Eep. Love the cardis! I can't get enough sweaters and cardis this time of year.

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