How I Named My Blog + A Bonus Fun Fact

  1. Oh good!! I've been pronouncing your name correctly!!!!

  2. Kristen says:

    haha to the F grade. I definitely thought it was A+ as in grades, not for Abigail. Der lol.

  3. That's so funny! I love this post! I hope you are having a wonderful time overseas… so jealous of your adventure! 🙂

  4. Elena @ baby Ridley bump says:

    Well I'm good on your last name, but wasn't sure about the name of your blog! Thanks for sharing! Very cute!

  5. Renae says:

    Cute blog name.

  6. Totally been thinking your last name was Speh-nuh so thank you for clarifying! Nobody knows how to pronounce my last name and when I tell the UPS guy at work my last name when we get deliveries, he just stares at me like "huh?" LOL.

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