Spena Baby 24 Weeks

  1. Jess Beer says:

    So, I love your belly updates. Everyone who doesn't can get over it 🙂

    Also, my belly button never popped with Abbie either, just got flat like yours. It was weird…but it was probably the cleanest my belly button was in years since I could actually get in there properly. Gross? Probably. #sorryboutthat

    And Ikea is amazing! Abbie's dresser and one of her bookshelves are from there. And a butterfly thing for her wall (which hasn't actually been hung in the new house yet…oops). Make sure you look at the toy section, the wall art, and the lighting – there can be a lot of hidden gems there! The kitchen section is pretty good too with a bunch of gadgets for cheap. Can you tell I love Ikea???

  2. Yay for your first Ikea experience! Wear comfortable shoes and expect some sort of time warp experience once you're in there. 🙂 I got a bunch of the skubb boxes to organize clothes and stuff in our dresser, so I recommend those! And the drono fabric bins are great too. They have so many good organizing things there. Have fun!

  3. Hayley! says:

    So glad you're feeling good–go get you some chocolate chips, girl! 😉 Sleep is my constant struggle, especially now haha. 5lbs of baby resting on all of your organs is no fun, lol! I took a pillow off of our couch to wedge in between my belly and the bed to hold it up and that worked really well!! Those pillows that look like candy canes are really popular, but I don't know that my husband would be a fan of getting kicked out of our bed for a pillow, hahaha.

  4. Jessica says:

    Yay for Ikea! Prepare to be overwhelmed:) I would recommend checking out their picture frames – I will be picking up a couple of white ones myself to use for some prints I am ordering off Etsy for Vivian's nursery. They are like $6 – super cheap, and look really good on walls or propped on shelves (thanks, Pinterest!) Also, they have these cute little mini galvanized buckets for less than a dollar a pop. I've picked up a few to use for Caleb's crayons, chalk and markers but I think I am going to grab a couple more to use to store bows, pacis and such in Vivi's closet maybe? They are too cute – and so cheap – so I am literally thinking of reasons to buy more, lol!

    And girl, I am with you on the margaritas. Yum. I am not a big drinker, but going for 9-10 months without a frosty beverage or glass of wine is tougher than you'd think!

  5. Amy says:

    Love the bump updates!

    As far as IKEA, go in with a laid back attitude. That place is crazy, especially on a Saturday. We love their picture frames. Also, they have votives & tea lights for super cheapo. We also purchased a kids table with 2 chairs for 19.99. Like Jess said, the galvanized buckets are a steal! I have some all over my house, serving all types of different jobs. And their throw pillow covers are great too! Enjoy!

  6. Kelly Mock says:

    Aww she loves Music!!!

  7. cristina says:

    Funny I just went to IKEA yesterday. It was a road trip so Jackie had been cooped up in the car for about 2hrs by then. She was so ready to detach and hang out at Smaland; it's an adult-supervised play area. Anyway IKEA is huge so definitely plan to spend at least 2 hours or more. The shopping carts are fun so be sure to give Abigail a few spins in one. They have a cafeteria and food is cheap so you can eat there too! Be prepared to say no to a lot of things bc you might want to buy everything. Ha! My last piece of advice is to take plenty of measurements inside your house for when you do say yes to frames, lighting, mirrors, furniture, etc! We have the Kallax storage for the playroom, just bought Jackie an easel and heart shaped lamp. We also have one of the kids play tubes and the play kitchen. Have a blast. 🙂

  8. Sarah O says:

    Super cute baby update! I'm 4 weeks behind you and I'm loving reading what other mamas-to-be are experiencing. I'm with you about the body pillow. I keep waking up on my stomach and my husband is terrified that I'm squeezing baby girl.

  9. Oh, IKEA!!!!!!!! So jealous, enjoy!!! 🙂 And I love your updates!

  10. Becky Goerend says:

    Have so much fun at ikea! I feel like I find something new each time I visit!

    I hear ya on the missing alcohol. I giggled when I saw you pinned those margs. I can just taste a hard cider and had to take a long glance at the wine when I was in the grocery store last night!

  11. Those new Birch crib moccs – SWOON!!!! I'm desperate to get my hands on a pair of those. Obsessed is an understatement.

    Have fun at IKEA! And good luck restraining yourself from buying ALL THE THINGS! 🙂

  12. brittany says:

    you look precious with that perfect bump! and yay for such a good update!! haha.. my belly button didn't pop out last time either! flattened! but i'm a little scared this time around!

  13. We are headed to ikea on Saturday too. Now I'm a little confused. This will be your first trip to ikea on a Saturday or your first trip ever???? I love their baskets and pillow cases for $7!! The accessories are always fun, we are focusing on bathroom stuff. I decided I want mirrored medicine cabinets so we are checking those out as well as some potential closet organization!! Oh and picture frames always come home with us every trip with out fail!!!

  14. Natasha says:

    You look beautiful! I love these updates and following along! You'll love Ikea. It is a little overwhelming the first trip but so many cool things!

  15. You look great! I didn't do weekly updates with my first two, and I really wish I did. I'm glad I have my last two pregnancies documented!

  16. You're glowing! Big congrats!

  17. Hannah says:

    Love these updates. It's so great writing things down so you'll be able to look back on it in the years to come. And I'm the same way about sleeping! I should probably get a pillow or something.

  18. You are going to LOVE IKEA!! I adore their kids section – finger puppets, cute dinner ware, wooden toys and more. Check out the organizers in the laundry section, their candles are SUPER affordable and don't forget to stock up on straws and colored napkins. Oh how I miss having an IKEA close by 🙂

  19. Way too sweet that she was startled at the guitar!! Too funny! And you are going to loveeee IKEA!! Get ready to find a bunch of stuff you didn't know you needed!

  20. Carolyn says:

    Belly updates are one of my favorite types of blog posts. I love reading them! 🙂 You look so awesome!

  21. So fun to read new stats about Miss Mabel!!
    Enjoy IKEA!!
    And get yourself some chocolate 🙂

  22. Tawnya Faust says:

    I love belly updates 🙂 I wish I would have done them with Scarlett more frequently and I didn't do stats. Definitely changing that next time 🙂 You're looking lovely as always!

  23. Candace says:

    My girls used to dance when Bri would lead worship at Church–so awesome 🙂 Also– DANG girl you look good! So teeny! I'm getting ready to do some quilting and I was wondering if you ever found one you loved for Miss Mabel?

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