All Seahorses Go To Heaven

  1. Amy says:

    Such a precious heart that Abigail has. ♡

  2. Candace says:

    How sweet is she?

  3. GAH. Such a precious, sweet soul. This made me tear up a little.

  4. that is adorable! love little inquiring minds like that!

  5. This is just too much. She is precious! I love to see little kids with hearts for Jesus. And seahorses 😉

  6. MeganB. says:

    love this post! It is so sweet and pure. Funny too because Katie has been asking similar things, but because she is only 2 and a half she says things like "they died?" or "can our tummies die?" so we as well talk about death openly and how when someone dies, if they have Jesus in their heart, then they get to go to Heaven. I think that's an important concept to tell them no matter their age. anyways… lol. great post about cute Abigail.

  7. Ashley Dorey says:

    I love the sweet innocence of children! Precious!

  8. hello erin says:

    I love that kid. Sweetest like ever.

  9. brittany says:

    the sweetest!!! i feel sooo unprepared to field these questions as my little lady grows. gosh. i am not even good at really absorbing and fully understanding these answers myself!! but at the same time, is there anything more precious than these little hearts that want to learn about heaven and jesus?!! i love loove that she made her own little plan to get seahorse to heaven. couldn't be any cuter!

  10. What a sweetheart!! Of course, they go to heaven!

  11. Candace says:

    This is amazing! She is so sweet!

  12. So so sweet! I love the innocence of little minds!

  13. Jenny says:

    that's the sweetest! I think she's starting to get it too! Maybe time to read her Velveteen rabbit to talk about sea horse heaven? 🙂

  14. Diana. says:

    how adorable, the things they say!

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