Our Home Makeover & Update Reveal!

  1. Looks fantastic! You guys did a great job. I am really loving those pendant lights too!

  2. Jess Beer says:

    It looks gorgeous! Love love the colors!

  3. Liz says:

    Love the wall color. Love the couch. Love the kitchen counters. Looks great, friend!

  4. I love the updates. When we moved, we just got new carpet and paint and that alone made a huge difference. I know you had been looking to move, have y'all decided to stay for a while? I would assume so with the updates but sometimes folks update to sale.

  5. Wow, that looks so great! I love the new office area! And the curtains in the dining area too; it looks so elegant. I love the look of the new countertops too- is that finished or unfinished wood? Like can you use it as a chopping block or do you still need to use cutting boards?

  6. Wow what a difference! I love it, especially the new countertops and cabinets.

  7. hello erin says:

    Eek! It looks so so good! You guys nailed it !!

  8. MeganB. says:

    Dude Courtney it looks so amazing! I am in love with the color paint you guys chose. It pulls everything together. Im jealous. lol
    It looks like a perfect show home.

  9. Sarah says:

    Stunning! I love the wall color, the cabinet color, the counter tops, the light fixtures…I could go on and on! It's all so crisp and clean and PERFECT! Seriously, it looks like a home in a magazine! Great job, Jim! And great vision, Courtney!

  10. I wholeheartedly approve of the desk/wine nook! Excellent combo right there. And, it is gorgeous! What a wonderful job. Love it!

  11. Leslie says:

    I LOVE everything! Especially the kitchen! Great job!

  12. Kelly Mock says:

    Love all of the colors! Very sophisticated! Gorgeous! Can't wait for our forever home!

  13. Amy says:

    I loooove everything about your makeover. It looks as if I'm looking in a magazine! The cabinets, the counter tops, the paint color. Oh the paint color! I swoon over everything! Great design plan & great work, Jim!

  14. Kara says:

    It looks awesome Courtney!

  15. Such a beautiful space! Love the pendant lights (and especially glad to see theyre from Target haha) and gray walls.

  16. Girlfran! It looks amazing! Obsessed with the cabinet color and new hardware!!! xx

  17. Chelsea says:

    I love this!! Isn't it crazy how paint colors can change everything 🙂 LOVE LOVE.. Did you guys do all the painting your self

  18. Jenny says:

    OH my gosh I LOVE IT! I love the built-in desk area and the cabinet colors! It's amazing what a little paint does to change the look of a room – but wow!!! I haven't been a fan of the butcher block counters i've seen but clearly they were just in the wrong kitchn or with the wrong color because they are awesome in your space!! What an amazing transformation!

  19. Your house is GORGEOUS! I love your kitchen area. So, so pretty!

  20. Alright so I'm wanting to know how y'all painted the cabinets! We are wanting to paint ours ?

  21. Jen says:

    WOW! It looks sooo good and I absolutely love the kitchen!

  22. Hot Damn that looks so so so good! I'm super impressed that Jim got all of that done by himself! No wonder the Mabes room is taking a back seat! I didn't realize you were making that big of a change!!! I love all of it. That new built in desk is to die for – where did you get the materials for that (ikea?). Those pendant lights are so perfect and the beadboard backsplash turned out so great! Did you have to seal the counter tops? Andplusalso that big piece of furniture in the living room I'm sure you posted about it but where did you find that baby???

  23. Amanda says:

    WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! It's so magical what a can of paint can do, right?! It all looks so amazing and fresh!!!! Love it all. Major kudos to Jim!!

  24. It looks fantastic!! I love the greys and cooler colors you chose. And those lights above the island! Love. Good work!

  25. Oh my goodness! I can't even believe the difference that made! It doesn't even look like the same house. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love, love, love the color of the cabinets!

  26. Holy moly!! It looks GORGEOUS!!! So, so beautiful! Congrats girl and good job Jim!!!! 🙂

  27. Tiffany says:

    Oh my gosh! I love it!!! It looks SO much better!!!

  28. Ashley Dorey says:

    WOW!! It looks so good!! Your kitchen looks great! And love the desk area that your husband did! I LOVE that hutch you have in the living room? I'm guessing y'all have probably had that a while. So beautiful!

  29. Candace says:

    GORGEOUS!! It looks SO different! I'm totally crushing on that hutch, and the Ikea couches look great in that space!! Also- LOVE the entire kitchen–I'd spend so much time in there! All the praise hands for your Hubby and your taste Lady!

  30. It looks amazing!!!!! Jim AND you did a GREAT job!!! I love those pendant lights in the kitchen and I pretty much love everything else too. Everytime I see your Starbucks print, I NEED one. I just realized that my friend is the cafe manager at a BN Starbucks… I am so totally going to ask for one of those prints when she's done with them!

  31. What a beautiful transformation!!
    I love it all–the wood counters, the farm sink, the white curtains in the kitchen, the new white furniture, the gray walls and chalk paint cabinets! Great job, you guys!! 🙂

  32. Love it, such a difference!!!! My favorite are the pendant lights!!! 🙂

  33. Tawnya Faust says:

    LOVING the changes! It looks great, I have to say though, you are a BRAVE woman to have white couches… between my love of red wine, my dog and my kid I'm too scared but I LOVE white couches. Maybe one day 😉 Great job!

  34. Everything looks SO great!! Amazing how much paint changes the look of a room — especially on your cabinets! I want to paint ours sooo badly, but we don't won our home so I can't. The color you picked is perfect! It transformed the whole space!

  35. I love the colors! I REALLY want to paint my kitchen cabinets, but I'm scared!!!

  36. Allison says:

    I love the hanger as frame idea! So cute!

  37. Mal says:

    Do you love your IKEA couches? I’ve had my eye on the EKTORP white ones ever since I saw you had them in your living room (love the white!!) and went all the way back to this post to read your review on them! Are they comfortable? Durable? Do you regret buying them? Hope you are feeling better… LOVE your blog!! XOXO

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