Bring Your Family For Lunch Day

  1. Nicole says:

    So just so you know, those geese are mean! I was walking to the conference center a few years ago and had one take off after me. I used the nearest car as a shield. We all got a good laugh about that. Then another time another gal actually got flocked by one. And fun fact, there's one of the statues there that I actually have my hand in somehow. I was like 5 when it was done and my dad (who worked there 40+ years) knew the guy who was doing it and he let me help.

  2. That is a fun treat mid week. We get to eat lunch with Chris on the daily because he works so close to home. But nice change to do it the other way around. I'm now pondering if we could bring dad a picnic sometime instead of having him come here. Nicely done on toppling the deer!

  3. We are going to lunch with James on Friday and I'm pretty excited myself. It's not a every week or even month things so I'm looking forward to it.

  4. I wish I could have lunch date with the hubs! What a nice little treat!

  5. oh my gosh the deer moment – terrifying!! now i want chicken strips.

  6. Kelly Mock says:

    That sounds cool! We can't do that sadly! But Daddy has been home by dinner a lot more which is nice!

  7. So much fun!!! I wish Seth's work did something cool like that. Or even my work. And chicken strip day, I'd be all over that!
    Ps gotta love scheduling posts ahead! Unless of course, you have something to tell us that you're waiting for a new arrival =P

  8. So you have mentioned Chicken Strip day a bunch of times over the years (yes I am all caught up!) please give me more detail as to what this actually means. Are they just plain chicken strips from the store? or …. is it kind of like Turkey Day in school when the third Thursday of every month is turkey, stuffing and gravy??

  9. So fun! We rarely ever get lunch dates with Daddy. I think I can count on one hand how many times that has happened, and none of those are because his agency planned it. Booooo. Looks like we need to make more of an effort to do this kind of thing ourselves!

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