Kid 1 vs Kid 2 Comparisons

  1. I love this! Especially the pictures when they're in the same outfit 🙂

  2. They do look a lot alike. My girls didn't when they were babies but I find that they look pretty similar now. Marissa has bigger dimples, E has curls. Clearly sisters though. It will be fun to watch these two and how they grow over the years. I bet they will go through stages of looking alike and stages of looking all their own. Which is awesome.

  3. Kelly Mock says:

    I think you are right! But you can definitely tell they are sisters! They are both so so precious! What a lucky momma!

  4. brittany says:

    so fun to compare newborn photos!! they definitely have similarities and still look like their own people! both beautiful sweet girlies! i have totally been doing this with my two, naturally 😉

  5. hello erin says:

    No doubt about it… Those ladies are sisters! And adorable ones at that 🙂

  6. They share so many similarities, but are distinctly different. Totally see more of you in Abigail and more of Jim in Mabel. And both are just completely gorgeous.

  7. Blesssss. Definitely sissy's but their own little people :)! Love the hand-me-downs…SO fun! Ugh baby fever is real…haha! Xx

  8. SO SWEET! The ones of them in the same outfits are my fave. BLESS! xx

  9. Love this!!! How sweet is it that you have memories with both girls in the same outfits?! I love that! I definitely think Abigail looks like you but I'm basing that off her appearance now. It's so hard to tell as babies because they change so much, especially little girls.

  10. The side by sides definitely show their differences! Much more Jim in Mable!

  11. Both so sweet, definitely see more of the hubs in Mabel!

  12. MeganB. says:

    Both are beautiful! I think Mabel actually looks a lot like you Courtney & A does too but she looks a lot like your patents.
    Plain & simple You guys make some seriously gorgeous kiddos.

  13. aw they are so cute! it's so funny because i can totally see Abigail's now face in her baby pictures. Can't wait to see Mabel as she grows up!

  14. Such sweet babes! Side-by-side pictures are such fun!!!

  15. You can definitely tell they're sisters!

  16. Whoa babies! They do look a lot alike 🙂

  17. Mrs. Southern Mama says:

    I cant help but "ohh" and "awe" over your babies. They are PERFECT. Call me crazy but I see a lot of my daughter in Mabel!!!

  18. Susannah says:

    <3 I know least that both your girls are adorable!

  19. Tawnya Faust says:

    Definitely sisters, but I think they look like each their own little person! What a fun post!! 🙂

  20. Hannah says:

    How fun to do a little comparing! They have a few similarities, but for the most part I think they look like their own little self. One thing they have in common: lots of love and cuddle time with mommy and daddy! 🙂

  21. I just love how much Abigail looks like herself! I have always wondered what Ellie will look like as she gets older and when I look back on her baby pictures I can see the same features she has now but I never would have guessed how beautiful she is.

    Your two are just adorable and I agree that Mabes definitely looks like Jim!

  22. Tricia Regar says:

    They're both stinkin' cute.

  23. Sara McCarty says:

    I love this! You can tell they're sisters, but they each look so much like themselves! They are both so stinking cute! This makes me want another baby!

  24. So cute! They look really similar in that tub picture!

  25. eeek! This is so sweet! (I want to do it over again already haha) Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend lady! xoxo

  26. Adorable overload!! I love these side by side picture comparisons!! Your girls are the cutest and I'm guessing Abigail thinks it's funny to see pictures of herself as a baby compared to Mabel. I'm requesting these comparison posts as your girls continue to grow pretty please 🙂

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