The Happs

  1. We play an inordinate amount of board games over here, so much fun! We've recently got into Yatzhee haha. Get all those snuggles while you can! And like I said before, your hair looks wonderful.

  2. So much fun stuff!!!! I'm with ya, all the baby snuggles! And bless the solly!

  3. We still haven't been to our local drive-in, need to do that soon! My parents took my nieces and nephews to see Inside Out in theaters and they loved it! Love you new hair by the way 🙂

  4. You need to teach me the art of staying at home, because I just can't… We literally only sleep & eat there, ha! Also, I loved my Solly for the first month but have since switched to a ring sling because it is so easy to nurse in! Just a thought in case you need to go carrier crazy like me!

  5. the last photo is hilarious.
    good to know about the solly – that picture is precious. Mabel is just so freaking adorable.
    I've heard that about Inside Out. I am trying to convince my husband to see it with me! dang it, I need a kid to take to the movies.

  6. Tia @ HoPo says:

    This posts rocks…and I do believe our husband's are twins. They actually look similar…eery!! I always call him the "Furnace of Death" because I swear he just radiates heat!

  7. The pictures are priceless. I especially love the one of her looking up at you in her wrap. We did the drive-in thing too! It was such a great idea because our little guy just slept the whole time.

  8. Love, love, love. Life is good! Xx.

  9. Kelli Richards says:

    Reference "White Trash Baby," everyone knows it's the ACCESSORIES that make the outfit! xoxo
    Auntie K

  10. Karra says:

    You are on a roll, mama! Life with two is tough! We sometimes don't make it out of the house and taking on two by myself can definitely be stressful but its getting easier!

  11. I love the first photo of the three of you. It's like the perfect selfie with everyone looking!
    Sounds like you guys have been up to some fun stuff and you're starting to get into a routine 🙂 Also, I read the Mabel blow out as in a hair blow out and was like "wow! go Mabel." and then remembered that you said she had a BLOW OUT in her car seat and thought that seemed more probable for a 2 months old 🙂

  12. The photo of Jim sleeping with Mabel melts my heart. I love seeing Daddies with their little ones.
    And I'm digging the new hair. Love it.

  13. I love this because some of the best advice I got was this: "Hold your baby. Hold your baby some more. And just when you think she's been held enough, hold her again." SO FLEETING! Let's soak it up, mama!!! xx

  14. Natasha says:

    Love all of the photos and the update! Sweet baby snuggles are the best!!

  15. That picture of Abigail in her fairy costume is so cute! Ooh the baby snuggles – I am so much less productive because of them, but I don't care!! I need to find a wrap that will work for us. Love the new hair too!!

  16. Candace says:

    EEEK! Loving all the photos of you and your babes! Also– we are int he exact opposite position- Brian and I both had same-sex siblings and so we're way excited (and a little nervous) to see the brother-sister relationship ?!

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