3 Months Of Mabel!

  1. Those pics of her giggling with miss Abigail- absolutely precious

  2. Awww. Love these pics.

  3. Love the Abigail pics!!!!

  4. Megan Jowdry says:

    What great pictures! She is so cute and so big already!!

  5. Bless her little baby self! Growing so fast! xx

  6. "The greatest thing since sliced bread. And I love my carbs" too great! Happy 3 months Mabel!!!

  7. MeganB. says:

    I'll be praying for you guys at night when my babe is struggling with those pesky gas pains too. They are definitely no fun. Happy 3 months Mabel.

  8. Amy says:

    Love the pics of Abigail making her so happy! Your Mama heart must be so proud!

  9. i just love that you call her Mabesy. those photos of her with Abigail are adorable.

  10. Aww little sis laughing at big sis is too cute!!

  11. Hannah says:

    Courtney, she is adorable! Her smile kills me! What a little sweetheart you have. I love everything about this post. Keep enjoying those cuddles and baby wearing -it's the best!

  12. What an adorable bow! She is one cutie!

  13. Stasia says:

    I could just eat her up she is so cute! 🙂 And three months already how is that possible???

  14. Such sweet pictures with big sister! I'm always paranoid Lily is way too rough with Ben but he seems to like it. Ha!

    So is the wrap your secret to finding down time for posts?! I feel like I've missed documenting so many family memories these last two months because things have just been cray 'round hurrrr. Ben went from sleeping & napping like a champ to clustering all night long (even during co sleeping) and not napping at all…which is likely the root of all evil. Oh and Lils chunked her naps too. I kind of enjoy the earlier bedtime though 😉

  15. Love how Abigail can get her to smile so big!!! And I'm jealous you are in the black hole that is Gilmore Girls! Did you watch Everwood? That is another of my favorites!

  16. Jessica K says:

    I just LOVE her precious face! And those sweet smiles she is giving Abigail in those pictures? To die. There is nothing like that sister bond. Happy 3 months, sweet Mabel!:)

  17. I love her. She and Nancy would be great chill baby solly loving girlfriends. xx

  18. Candace says:

    Oh my goodness she is just SO yummy! Sounds like such a sweet baby too! So happy for you all!

  19. How is it possible that three months has passed?! Make the time stop. For real.
    Everyone and their mother keeps talking of the solly wraps. I'm convinced we need one. Julia loves being held (LOVES), but momma needs her hands.
    I adore how the girls love each other. Best momma feeling, ever.

  20. Courtney B says:

    How is this sweet babe already 3 months old?! Wasn't she just born last week?! Time is flying! And she sounds like such a dream baby! I hope my boy is the same way!!
    Your girls are the sweetest sisters ever!

  21. So adorable. I'm loving the fp moccs too!!

  22. Kelly Mock says:

    That smile! She is such a pretty babe!

  23. Amanda Klein says:

    Ohmyword, sweet baby love!! Darling pics 🙂

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