Bears Show Love

  1. Oh super cute!!! I had a thing for bunnies, but I too had a snuggle bear. Funny how iconic things last and last

  2. I have a bunny that my grandmother gave me and it has seen better days but it's 25 years old so you'll have that! Connor had a bear and a puppy that he loves.

  3. Hannah says:

    Oh, good gracious. Y'all are too adorable! And Mabel cuddling with her teddy bear? I can hardly stand it. I love a good teddy bear. My "bear" of choice was a stuffed pig, Priscilla. I loved her. I still have her, and you can see just how loved she was over the years.

  4. aww so sweet.
    i had a monkey and a teddy growing up. their names were monkey and teddy. i was super creative.

  5. Diana L says:

    What a cute video!

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