Bumbo Power

  1. Kelly Mock says:

    SO cute! Hal loved her bumbo!

  2. brittany says:

    ahhh go mabel!!! bumbo-ing already like such a big girl!!! we used ours like crazy with our first girly and i have been totally wondering how soon i'll be able to this time around!! i loooove that thing!! and is that what the new ones look like?! so snazzy!!

  3. Jess Scott says:

    WE LOVE THE BUMBO!! Louise has had a strong neck from birth, so this has been out for a couple of weeks. She's finally able to stay in it for longer than a couple of minutes, so I plop her right next to me and get some work done on the computer. She LOVES looking at nothing (like a blank wall) and everything. I HAVE to get that tray! She'll love it! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂 xo

  4. Yesssssss!!! Lily never had a bumbo but we borrowed one from a friend for Ben and he LOVES it! I love how involved he is with us while he is lounging in it too. I hate that I have to wedge his fat little thighs in and out of the seat though. ha!
    So your bumbo looks quite a bit different…we have the bright green kind you referenced in the attic…do you think that play tray would fit on the tray attachment we currently have?

  5. Becky Goerend says:

    That bumbo tray activity thing is new! Off to buy it! Yay!

  6. Viv LOVES her Bumbo, lol! It is so funny to see her sitting in it. But, I had no idea that such an activity tray existed. We just have the basic tray and pile some toys on it – which she then flings off in approximately .6 seconds. So…I am off to check out that activity tray immediately!

  7. The Bumbo was a favorite at our house, too! I started using it early and Olive adored it. I even remember making a gingerbread with her for her first Christmas and she was plopped right in the middle of the fun in her Bumbo. They are amazing and all babies should have the pleasure of hanging out in them 🙂 Love the tea party action going on with your girls.

  8. LOVE IT, that third picture down looks like she is saying "You lookin at me" to the blue elephant. Ha ha so sweet that they got to tea party!

  9. ooh i didn't know you could get the activity tray thingy, what a good idea!

  10. Little Mabel is getting so big! Ah their first tea party melts my heart.

  11. I'm pretty sure we have that same bright green Bumbo somewhere stored away, too. Like Abigail, Marcus sat in it for about 10 seconds before his chunky thighs were too much for it.
    The seat Miss Mabel has looks like something we need to get. I'm pretty sure the old Bumbo doesn't allow for cool attachments.

  12. Adorable!!! We are doing the same thing off here, using it everyday!

  13. Go Mabel!! She's doing awesome in that bumbo! I totally waited too long (maybe 6 months?) to put Mason in his and his little thighs were too tight for it like days after we started in it. I wish I put him in it sooner!

  14. I didn't use a Bumbo with Ellie…she did enjoy using the one at one of my nanny houses (when she was 18 months old!!) I think that I might get one for #2 as I see a separate value for it!

  15. Hannah says:

    She's in the Bumbo seat already?! She really is growing too fast! Goodness. I love me the Bumbo seat. I used it a ton with Emerson and the little girl I babysit when they were bitty. When I found out I was going to have to give it back to my sister for her to use with her baby, I knew it was the one thing I knew I had to get for Oliver. I can't wait until he's strong enough to sit in it. And goodness. That little tea party. Melt my heart. You girls get to have so much fun together!

  16. At 4.5 Kinsey can still squish herself into hrr Bumbo seat and gets the biggest kick out of it (and I die watching her try yo het OUT of it!) But alas, Brielana couldnt stand being in it for all of 2 minutes, boo. Yours looks properly upgraded!

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