Favorite Baby #2 Items….So Far!

  1. Jessica says:

    We have an Ergo, and have used it a couple of times – and like it. But for now, nothing beats the Solly. I love that I can pack it anywhere without it taking up space, and that it holds Vivi so close to me:) Sweetest feeling ever. I never want her to outgrow it!

    Also, I almost grabbed one of those Ikea sheepskins this weekend, and am kicking myself after seeing how cute it is in those photos. Need. I will be going back for sure:)

  2. Those swaddle blankets are so sweet. I want to have another baby just so I have a reason to get some. (KIDDING!) We loved our RNP, too! It's the one thing not on my consignment list.

  3. MeganB. says:

    We are using a ring sling currently & I love it as well. Ella always falls asleep & I usually use that time to use both! my hands to eat diner. lol

    I really would like a solly sometime too though.It looks awesome.

  4. Pampers were our favorite with Marcus, and I'm positive they will be with M2, as well!
    I'm going to look into those swaddles RIGHT NOW. It's been so hot here, and I know we won't be able to escape the heat for a while. I also know we'll need to swaddle M2, I just don't want her to get too hot.
    THAT SHEEP SKIN! Pretty sure M2 needs one. 🙂

    With Marcus we loved the Nosefrida. It worked 100 times better than any of the other blub thingys to remove snot. It looks weird, but it truly is the best snot snatcher around. 🙂

  5. Natasha says:

    We loved our rock and play sleepers!! it was a MUST!!!

  6. I first saw that rose swaddle blanket on Mabel and have added a bunch of those to my 'to buy' list for baby 2. They're so pretty! And I am definitely getting a Solly wrap this time around. I have a Moby, but only ended up using it a few times because the fabric was so heavy and I was having to constantly re-tie it.

  7. Stasia says:

    We are among the crazy cloth diaperers… so we have not had to invest on stock in pampers lol ;)! And we actually have not tried any of your other faves… but that Solly wrap… I have heard great things and want one!!!!

  8. I love the IKEA sheepskin! What a perfect photo backdrop. Also, the rock and play is definitely a must!

  9. Nothing is better than the sheepskin for photo ops! I can not sing the praises of the rock-n-play enough. Seriously the best!

  10. Those Little Unicorn blankets are SO cute! I've heard so many good things about the Solly wraps too… I never got into baby wearing with Mila because I had a Baby Bjorn carrier and it was just a huge pain to get on and so uncomfortable to wear. The Solly sounds pretty amazing. I am definitely keeping both of those in mind for any future babies!

  11. The Rock N Play is THE best! I loved it!

  12. I have almost all the same items for baby #2 and by far my favorite is the faux fur rug- monthly photo op background!!! 🙂

  13. inappropriate question: are you planning on having more? if so, girl get on that cloth diapering train 😉 if you have any questions, i can totally answer them. even though, you know, i have no kids hahaha.
    i want that sheepskin.

  14. Mrs. Southern Mama says:

    First off, Mabel has your eyes!!! Second off, she looks like a little doll in your wrap. OMG. Gorgeous!

  15. Loved our RNP! And I would definitely get a solly wrap if we have another. I've heard all the good things about that, esp for tiny itty bitty days.

  16. Tawnya Faust says:

    LOL I love that you included diapers in this post. We cloth but use disposables too and I only use pampers when I do… Huggies still give Scarlett an instant rash anytime I use them. I LOVE little unicorn swaddles, I just ordered one for Baby B. I was totally going to decorate the nursery in their poppy print if we had a girl, now I'm struggling to think of a way to decorate the boy nursery but I think I have an idea flowing now.

    I don't have an RNP but I literally said to my husband yesterday that we were 100% getting one if baby B spits up as much as Scarlett did because I love how they sleep a bit upright! The price is right too and I love that you can drag it around if need be. Anyway enough with my long windedness… love this list 😉

  17. Your favorites are my favorites!! We loved Pampers, the Rock and Play and swaddle blankets. I'm going to have to keep yours in mind for baby gifts because the prints are just adorable. So is Miss Mabel – can't believe how big she's getting!!

  18. Aww those blankets are so cute! I love that you included the sheepskin rugs. I was just thinking about getting one for our baby just to have for photo ops and tummy time. I actually just included them on a blogpost recently about home décor trends. I'm definitely a fan!

  19. Those bows? #dead So sweet! Shopping for girls is so much more fun than boys.

  20. Jess Scott says:

    Love all of these!!!! I have a Solly, but I can't get it tight enough, and when I do, I can't get her in the darn thing!!! I've used it ONCE successfully, and it was when she was just days old…help me! What's the trick???

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