Summer Days

  1. Love these pics of Abigail – she is too cute! And of course so is Mabel!!! Xo

  2. Jessica says:

    Abigail's sass is where it's at. Her little hip poses and that purple swimsuit are too cute! And why is it that Daddy is always so much more fun than Mommy? It's the same way in our house, lol!

    Vivian, Mabel and Avalon all have that sweet little mint flamingo swimsuit and white eyelet sun hats – too bad we can't get all three of them together for a beyond-ridiculously-precious photo:) I am so sad that Vivi will be outgrowing that sweet little suit soon. Can't they just stay little forever???

  3. Love all this Abigail pics; girl is photogenic!!! Liam has his first legit swim lesson yesterday and he refused to get in the pool! Should be an interesting two weeks for us. He'll jump off my parents boat & go to the water park no problem… But lessons…. No way!

  4. That purple suit IS dreamy. 🙂 And Abigail rocks it.
    Love that Jim jumps in the pool and splashes around, too.
    Way to go, Abigail, on crushing swim lessons. Grape slushies are totally worth it.
    And, holy smokes, baby girl swim suits? Dying, just DYING over how adorable Mabel is.

  5. Goodness, that purple suit is a dream! Im still in Summer mode to, nothing wrong with that!

  6. Tia @ HoPo says:

    I am just in love with this post. Summer forever!! Your babies are just adorable. This is EXACTLY how I imagine life with kids will be during the summer, which is exactly why I am planning IVF for a summer baby!! yay!

  7. ahhh I love that 'fournager' photo of Abigail. She looks so sassy! All the swimsuits are adorable and I kind of want Mabel's for myself (I shall settle for making my future child wear it).

  8. Amy says:

    What a great summer! Daddies are always so much cooler than us boring ole mamas. 😉

    I've said it before, but that Abigail's personality just shines in your pictures!

  9. Do you know where you can get Abigails swimsuit in adult sizes? If so hit me up! I wish Summer was still in full force in the u.k but nope rain all day everyday! I love everything about Summer and the u.k has not given us one this year!
    Mabel looks adorable in her swimsuit it is something about babies in swimsuits, I am with her napping is my forte too!

  10. Ashley Dorey says:

    Abigail is so cute and sassy! Love it! And I'm super jealous of all of her adorable swimsuits! 😉

  11. Love all the pictures! The sass reminds me sooo much of Lily. What is it with the daddies setting such a high bar for the most fun parent?! 😉

  12. If Mabel doesn't make you wanna have a baby, nothing well!
    And A, the personality is jumping off the screen. Girls are fun, aren't they?

  13. That girl and her swimsuits!!! Seriously all the heart eyes! Little girls have the CUTEST swim suits! I die!

  14. That suit is just the best. Glad it's everything she dreamed of!

  15. Stasia says:

    We have the same baby pool… and are relishing every moment of summer… I mean it is over 100 heat index here and school starts back today. What gives? And all I know is it is not time to start talking pumpkin spice (even though I love it:)!

  16. These could not be cuter pictures, Abigail's personality shines through them – she seems so fun as do your Summer days!

  17. Susannah says:

    Both your precious girls look absolutely adorable in their swimsuits!

  18. Yay for summer fun and purple swim suits!!

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