More House Sprucing

  1. It's it amazing what moving some pieces can do to make a room look completely different and function in a different way?

  2. Jess Scott says:

    Great job, Momma!! LOVE the curtains in your bedroom!! Sweet Mabel is going to love her room for YEARS!!!

  3. Elena @ baby Ridley bump says:

    Love it all! So jealous of your white furniture!! I'd love it but my husband would kill me! He works in the dirt all day and we have a dog so it would never work for us! Your bedroom is beautiful as well!

  4. Courtney B says:

    LOVE they curtains in your bedroom!! Also, obsessed with the color of Mabel's crib! SO CUTE! I really need to get those racks from ikea and make little selves in Mia's room for books!

  5. Everything looks SO good and so airy and just beautiful! I think a cowhide rug would be totally cool in your bedroom – go for it!

  6. Loving allllllll your changes!! So inspirational!! I remember when yall were looking to move but it seems like you've now made your house a home! Your design style is on point!

  7. Laura says:

    Everything looks great! I am forever changing things around in our house, and we've been here 2 years. Jarrod will come home from work one day and I'll have the couch moved somewhere else or something. 😉 The curtains in your bedroom look like the boys' shower curtain in their bathroom. Love the stripes!

  8. Amy says:

    Girl, you've been busy! Everything looks soooo good! I love all the changes!

  9. Kelly Mock says:

    Everything looks fabulous!

  10. wow! it's amazing what a few small changes make. i need to do this to our house.

  11. I absolutely love the idea of gray wood grain tile! I'm not a big furniture rearranger but when I moved around the girls room a few months ago, it looks 1000% better so maybe I should start liking it lol.

  12. WOW!! Those striped curtains make such a big difference in your bedroom. I also LOVE your extra long curtains in the bathroom. Such a great idea to scrap the traditional shower curtain. Makes that space look so much bigger. Mabel's room is as cute as ever and I definitely have yellow chair envy. Great updates and your house is looking so good!!

  13. Everything looks so nice! I love the striped curtains!

  14. MeganB. says:

    Awesome job. Your house looks perfect!

  15. Loving all the changes! I'm hoping to get back to some house projects once the cold weather is here!

  16. Loving all the changes!!
    Mabel's dresser would look fabulous in white with gold knobs! Can't wait to see what you do with that piece.

  17. Love the bedroom's new look! Love all of it! Hobby Lobby for the nursery win?! 🙂

  18. Looks great!!! It's amazing what a little rearranging can do. I moved some things in Mason's room a couple weeks ago and it looks so different!

  19. Candace says:

    Get it girl! You have created an amazing space! IKEA has got me thinking our next updates can actually happen in the next year or so!

  20. Wow it looks great! Your house is beautiful!

  21. Sara McCarty says:

    Love all the updates! Your house is awesome! Those striped curtains! The yellow chair! The pink crib! Love all the pops of color!

  22. Vanessa says:

    Looks SO good!!! And I always vote yes for cowhide!!!

  23. Rhonda Batiuk says:

    The drapes in the master are a good fit! Miss Mabels room is sweet. Can I ask did you paint the crib? Just curious because I'm having a little in January and wondering if I could paint ours.

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