Tiny Dancer

  1. Kelly Mock says:

    My heart is melting! I can't wait for Hallie to start dance!

  2. haha she's so cute esp her special snowflake bit! It is hard to resist the lure of a really big mirror. I like that class you found too, nice and low key. I appreciate that haha.

  3. Hayley! says:

    Oh my gosh how adorable. Also, that picture of Mabel gets me every time hahaha.

  4. hello erin says:

    I swear ballet has been the BEST THING EVER! I mean we started at 18 months so lex definitely needed a kick in the pants when it came to taking turns and sitting quietly 😉 but now she's a pro in class. Except for tap. She insists on tapping at home… And OH MY EARS.

    And I suddenly made that about me- which is my biggest annoyance ever.

    A looks SO OLD with her pulled back. So cut that out. I'm so happy she loved her first class and won't learn to twerk 😉 twerking has no place in ballet class.

  5. Oh she looks so cute! I bet she will love dance class!

  6. Amy says:

    Oh.my.word. Such a teenager with her hair pulled back! I feel the same way about activities. Ha!

  7. So sweet!! Dance seems like the perfect activity for her and that tutu is TOO CUTE 🙂

  8. Ashley Dorey says:

    I seriously can not get enough of little girls in their dance tutus!! She is so adorable, and glad she loved it!

  9. What do I do with this orange thing, classic! Cool to see her learning her hands and exploring.
    And special snowflake- I used to draw pictures in the dirt during t-ball, love it!

  10. Eek! How fun! And she looks just like you in that hands on the hips photo!

  11. A "special snowflake" ha! Abigail looks darling in her dance outfit. I havent put Kinsey in any organized activities and sometimes I feel like we're so behind, but then I realize, she's only 4.5! When she's ready I know we'll be hearing about it. Finding a well priced and conservative dance class is like finding a needle in a haystack, great job!

  12. That picture of Mabel is amazing. I love how bewildered she looks at her pacifier. So cute!
    And Abigail… love her in her sweet little dance outfit! She looked SO excited! I bet she had the time of her life!

  13. The idea and principle behind this class is the best!! Love that the kiddos don't have to wear gaudy costumes and flashy makeup for a recital – especially at Abigail's age! That little leo and flats are so stinking cute, I can see why Abigail wanted to twirl in the mirror.
    And Mabel – gah – cute overload!!

  14. Samantha Kakac says:

    This was the cutest! Oh man, you should do a periscope with Abigail, I bet it would be adorable!

  15. brittany says:

    aww go abigail!!! that is exaaactly the kind of dance class i want to find around here!! i don't need to start training my child to be a prima ballerina and so many of even the tiny dance classes are so serious! this one looks amazing! and abigail looks presh 🙂

  16. Hannah says:

    So much fun! I can't even stand it. If I ever have a daughter I will signing her up for dance lessons. And Mabel – that picture of her just cracks me up! Your girls are too cute!

  17. Tawnya Faust says:

    I can't even get over how cute she looks in her little dance leotard!! I really want to put Scarlett in dance, I just really want to find something not so structured/expensive. I mean some of these places take it so darn serious and she's only (not even) 3!! I'm hoping to put her into dance for the winter session because I think she'd love it! That last photo of Mabel totally cracks me up too, her expressions are so cute! I can't wait to have another little squishy babe!

  18. Jess Scott says:

    Haha, that picture of Mabel!!!! LOVE HER! And what a happy dancer you have on your hands!!

  19. Oh my gosh these pictures are the cutest!

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