Life Is A Zoo

  1. Amy says:

    It looks like an absolute beautiful day for the zoo! You guys closed that place down! lol! I wonder how many times that happens to the workers? Our zoo closes at 4, too. I wonder why so early?

  2. So much fun! Love their sweet smiles!

  3. How is Abigail looking so grown up in these pictures?! Must be the hair up and the cute vest 😉 Im dying to go to the Zoo, my poor deprived 4.5 year old has yet to go to one. Guess we're just slackers.

  4. What a fun day! Glad you had great weather and fun times with your family 🙂

  5. Jess Scott says:

    Ah, I miss Cheesecake Factory (notice how my mind goes to food first!). What a fun day!!! Love your little family…you are all so cute!

  6. Hannah says:

    Oh, how fun! I love that they offered you a free tram ride to get you out of the zoo. ha! I wouldn't have thought a zoo would close that early! It sounds and looks like you all had a fun day. We're planning to go to the zoo this weekend and are hoping for equally wonderful weather!

  7. I just love the zoo and wish I made it more of a priority for us to go!! Maybe one day soon! And way to get a free team ride for lingering too long!!

  8. Sounds like so much fun! Our zoo closes at 4, too… I wonder why zoos close so early. Mila loves the zoo so much, we literally go every other weekend. (Luckily we have a small local zoo very close to us!) And The Cheesecake Factory to cap it off? Yum!!!

  9. Sarah says:

    4:00?? Come on, Kansas City Zoo! I mean, I know you're not the biggest of tourist attractions around here, but that seems awful early!

  10. Bethany Lambson says:

    Hi Courtney! I've been reading your blog for about a year now. I just want to say I really love the way you mother and bring Christ into your life and teach your children what matters most. My church had a general conference this past weekend and there was a talk about motherhood and how it relates to Christ and as I was reading your blog post I had the thought that you might enjoy it. In another week or so the text will be available but for now its just the audio or video. Here is a link. Thanks again for being who you are!

  11. i love Mabel's outfit 🙂 how funny you all were walking around the zoo after it closed lol. definitely a good day!

  12. Sara McCarty says:

    So fun! I had no idea there was a zoo in KC! We'll have to check it out next time we're there! Ho much fun!

  13. How fun! The family picture is adorable! We love going to the zoo!

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