9 Years

  1. Ashley Dorey says:

    Awwww, happy anniversary!!

  2. Amazing. Happy HAPPY anniversary to you two love birds
    Jim looks so different 😉

  3. Happy Anniversary, Spenas! Cheers to many more years of wedded bliss!:)

  4. Emily says:

    Happy Anniversary…and y'all were babies! Isn't it weird to look back at wedding pictures and think that?? ….we do it too!

  5. You guys are so cute – and you were a beautiful bride!! Happy anniversary!!

  6. Happy, happy Anniversary!!!
    PS in 2006, I think I had a pink razr phone too 🙂

  7. P!nky says:

    WOW, 9 years that is amazing! I'm sure I'll feel the same way you do about Riding Dirty with the Wobble that was played at my wedding ;)!

  8. Jim had hair!!! Love it! Happy Anniversary lovebirds!

  9. Becky Goerend says:

    Happy Anniversary! I also had a Pink Razr! Score! We'll celebrate 10 in June!


  10. Happy Anniversary!! It's amazing how much has changed in the past 9 years. A new house for your 9th anniversary isn't too shabby! Good luck topping that one next year, Jim 🙂

  11. So cute! You have barely aged lady!! Happy Anniversary!

  12. Jim with hair! Ridin Dirty! hahaha. love it. KC doesn't have much hair left (he didn't have much when I met him) and we aren't even at 3 years. Happy anniversary!! Hope you go somewhere fancy for your 10 year.

  13. Jess Beer says:

    Happy Anniversary you two! You've built a pretty great life in those 9 years!

  14. Happy Anny, sweet lovebirds! xx

  15. So sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  16. XO Kerry says:

    SO sweet! Jim had hair. That cracked me up. When I first met Luke (back in 1999!) I weighed quite a bit less and he had bleach blond hair. Why was that acceptable for guys?? So glad we've grown and matured together 🙂 Happy Anniversary 🙂

  17. Awe. The sweetest. Happy Anniversary!
    P.s. TI's "You can have whatever you like" was surely a huge hit with the guests 70 and older at our reception. 😉

  18. Amy says:

    Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! We had disposable cameras in 2009, too. Gah. All the Single Ladies was played at my wedding…

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