Golden Tote- A Fun Way To Shop!

  1. That teal is a gorgeous color on you, mama! And that coat is to die! Love!:)

  2. What a fun monthly box! It seems like this is a win win compared to others.

  3. Amy says:

    So neat! That teal color is beautiful on you!

  4. Sara McCarty says:

    Cute stuff! Love that dress, love the coat, love the sweater! I've never heard of this company but will definitely check it out! So fun!

  5. Super cute! I may have to try this after the rush of the holidays is over. I have not heard of this before now but yay, cute-cute-cute! Thanks for introducing me to it. I love that coat!!

  6. I like this option so much better than another one you mentioned! 😉 I love the sweater and the coat!

  7. What were your other pieces???

  8. Fun! I think I like this premise a lot more than Stitch Fix, I guess Im a control freak 😉

  9. What a cool concept! I've never heard of this before but sounds like a great service, especially since you got such great items! Does this mean no more Stitch Fix for you?

  10. JLynn Justad says:

    What fun! Sounds like even an opportunity to build community with the switching items page! You look GORGEOUS in these photos dear! Your hair is giving me all the heart eyes! xx

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