Spenas 2015

  1. Amy says:

    Oh, what a year! Lots of similarities between our years. So many good things! Wishing you & your family so much love & happiness in 2016, friend!

  2. Oh, mama. What joy this year!! I hear myself through your words in a similar post I have scheduled tomorrow. Love. Your. Heart!!! CHEERS to 2015 and to the adventures to come next year! xx

  3. hello erin says:

    Such an amazing year for you guys! 2016 has a lot of work to do to top this one 😉

  4. Wow! Y'all had a busy and AWESOME year! I just love all of the photos of your beautiful family 🙂

  5. Lil miss A's face when Mabel is getting baptized, still priceless

  6. It was a big year at your house!! I loved seeing all the smiles and your pictures seem to radiate happiness. Hope 2016 is another wonderful year filled with blessings for y'all 🙂

  7. Happy 2016! Crazy. Great idea to choose one picture from each month!

  8. Love this idea, I can only imagine how hard it is to pick just one photo! You can really see in all these pictures how happy and how much you all love each other such a nice thing to see! Abigail and Mabel on Halloween has to be a favourite of mine!

  9. October's picture might be my favourite! haha. i couldn't even chose one book for each month, so i don't know how you narrowed the photos down 😉 can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for you!

  10. What a great year! Congrats on your new addition to your family! Wishing you the best in 2016! <3


  11. Ashley Dorey says:

    What a wonderful and fun year!!

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