HO HO HO Arizona

  1. The picture of Mabel hugging you makes me melt!! And loooove that you got to see Courtney! So fun!

  2. Baby hugs are the best. Connor, at 3, still has a bit of baby in him and when he hugs me, I just melt.

  3. You play Settlers? That's awesome! We've been playing for at least 10 years. It never gets old! Our friends introduced us to Splendor last weekend, and it reminded me of Settlers a little. It's next on my list of games to buy!

  4. Jess Scott says:

    Cam would have picked the same (most random) stuffed animal. And those ankles are to DIE for!! Seriously, the cutest set of sisters ever!! They are both just so SWEET!

  5. The pic of your girls with your parents is just perfect. So much happiness! And your dad… Such a young thing! How fun that they will be keeping up with the girls for a long time.

  6. Allison @ alittleblueberry.com says:

    So fun that you were here, looks like you had a great time! Happy new year!

  7. Hannah says:

    Oh, I love your writing voice. You crack me up 🙂 I love how you pointed out "those ankles" – they are the so cute! As is her sweet little face. She's giving you hugs?! Oliver needs to learn that one asap! Also, the sitting up without toppling over after a few seconds would be nice too 🙂 It looks [and sounds] like you all had a wonderful visit and Christmas with your parents!

  8. I SWEAR, again, I thought your folks were your bros or sisters. Dang.
    The pic of you guys infront of houses as a family is "picture perfect"

  9. Melissa Benhoff says:

    My daughter is only (almost) 6 months old and every time I pass by Build-A-Bear I want to take her!! Maybe I'll wait another year, though… hahaha. Precious pictures!



  10. What a fun Christmas trip! You sure packed in a lot of fun and smiles. I request more Mabel ankle shots in the future 🙂

  11. How fun and even better that you got to enjoy AZ for so long! Such happiness shows in these photos!

  12. So glad you guys got to spend so much quality time with your family. The best! And girl – Vivian has started doing the whole hugging back and resting head on shoulder thing. And I die every time. And want to pick her up all the time just to see if she'll do it. Love this stage so much! Can they just stay like this forever, please!

  13. Kelly Mock says:

    So many great photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  14. What a great trip you had. So fun that you were able to be there for your dad's birthday and you met two virtual friends and, and, and!

    Emily used t give me those snuggles and she would rub my back and gently play with my hair. She was just the sweetest little baby and to this day she still loves to snuggle. Last night I was chilling with her and I said "how in the world are you about to turn 5, you were just a baby" She said "I'll always be your baby!" …. and then I sobbed my eyes out.

  15. aww such a fabulous time! love the family photos at the end, i do hope you are framing all of them haha. mabel's hugs – so sweet! and i love the rainbow catbear. so fun!

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