Our Daily Kindergarten Homeschooling Routine

  1. That alphabet garland is just lovely! Sounds like the perfect homeschool day. And, reading! Such a big accomplishment.

  2. Karra says:

    When did you start this with her? I'm so interested in starting with Rae soon.

    and that alphabet garland is amazing!!

  3. This post makes me want to me a homeschool mom so badly!!! I'm just not sure if it's somethings I can actually do…we shall see when Ellie gets a little older and what it's like when #2 joins our family!!!

  4. Oh, that alphabet banner is so sweet! Link? 🙂 Question- do you whip out your whole days curriculum in one sitting or find you spread it out throughout the day? Kinsey CAN NOT sit still for longer than 10 minutes when not fully engaged (hello school work haha)

  5. I like how you mentioned the flexibility of homeschooling. This is one thing that draws me to it for Connor. While I don't plan to homeschool, if we aren't able to move before Kindergarten then I will because our school district leaves EVERYTHING to be desired.

  6. Sara McCarty says:

    What a great space you have! I love the alphabet banner! And her big cheesy grin just makes my heart happy!

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