1. That shirt is my FAVEE!!!! HAHA! Happy weekend, LOVE the pics of your house!

  2. Ommmggg we are on Season 5 in Parenthood and I don't want it to end so we are taking the watching of it very very slow!

  3. Tawnya Faust says:

    omg Parenthood was SO GOOD! I bawled too, they really ended it well 🙂

  4. I am a non-hugger too. My whole family is really but I'm getting better thanks to C who loves to ask for and give "huggies".

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! My boss JUST recommended Parenthood to me this weekend when I saw her (she lives out of town, long story lol). She told me there is a family with a kid with autism, which is how the whole thing got brought up, but I'm so shocked that I'd never seen it before! I'm off to binge watch this weekend on Netflix!

  6. I love that onesie Mabel has on, do they do it in an adult size lol! Parenthood gave me all the feels I finished watching it a week ago and I cried.

  7. Why have I not watched Parenthood yet?! Guess I'll do that instead of read. Haha!

  8. Nicole Mangum says:

    The last season of Parenthood is rough haha. You basically need a box of tissues by your side to get through it. So so good.

  9. Can't believe I missed the house tour post! Gah! I love those! Also, you have totally got the weekend down with the coffee in the AM and the wine at night! Yesssss 🙂

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