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  1. Amy says:

    What a beautiful place to spend together with family! Just think how much fun this summer will be!

  2. Oh it looks just gorgeous there! My parents lake house is one of my favorite places to be!

  3. How fun!!! And seriously so beautiful!
    Also, I swear Mabel smiles for EVERY picture! How did you get her to do that? I mean, I LOVE seeing her sweet smile, but I'm also insanely jealous that she smiles so well. I can't even get Mason to do that now! LOL

  4. What a fun place to be able to share sweet memories with family! It's gorgeous in the winter, but I bet it will be just as much fun if not more in the summer! Love!

  5. yay home tour! can't wait.
    looks like a super fun time – i love that Abigail is still holding onto that ski ticket. and her face with the snowballs.. hilarious!

  6. Little ones LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow. I am forcing myself to play in this afternoon for C's sake because it is not my thing.

  7. LOVE IT. I am not super keen on camping but that looks like fun (like the place my grandparents had when I was growing up!)

  8. brittany says:

    awww i'm not a huge snow person either, but i love it when it's seasonally appropriate. okay, like, one time. after one snow adventure i'm pretty much ready for summer. but it's a perfect backdrop for your happy family photos!

  9. Vanessa says:

    How darling is that lake house in the snow! You guys will be making some great memories there, I'm sure! And miss Mabel's little smile…I can't EVEN!

  10. Rachel says:

    Aww, what a nice cozy place! Perfect for a little getaway for family members to hang out and have fun together! My aunt and uncle bought a cabin the same summer we moved away–one of the first things I want to do when we return someday is to visit and spend some quiet days in the cabin!

  11. I'm glad you had a great visit! What a fun house! XOXO

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