1. P!nky says:

    HOpe her ear infection goes away stat!!!!

  2. Jess Beer says:

    Haha on Abigail's clothes! I hope the ear infection goes away fast!

    And I have the exact opposite brow problem as you – too much! My friend Meg (Meg O on the Go) did a brow tutorial recently though and it's awesome – I shared it on my FB page but I'm sure you can google it too. I LOVE her beauty videos. 🙂

  3. Casey says:

    If you have a Sephora near you just go in and ask them to recommend a brow product. If you ask, they will also apply the product onto one brow and show you how to apply it on the other! Totally free for the instructions. Its pretty awesome! I'm guilty of going in for instructions far too often! LOL 🙂

  4. Mae Rae-MTBA says:

    Haha, Mabel's face is priceless!

  5. Kelly Mock says:

    Love that Mabel face! Hope Abigail feels better soon! What a trooper!

  6. Poor Abigail – hope she feels better soon! Her pants! LOL. (I laugh because we've been there!)

  7. oh my gosh, mabel's face. and abigail's jeans lol. hope she feels better soon.
    girl i feel you on the eyebrows. i am growing mine out right now, because they have no shape and are horrible (well they have a shape, it's called horrible) and then once i get them done and they hopefully look like everyone else's eyebrows, i am going to go to sephora or something and cry until someone helps me and teaches me how to do my eyebrows.

  8. Amanda Klein says:

    Don't worry, The Bachelor recaps are way better than the actual show! 😉

  9. Poor girl and her ear infection and holy cow, 3 inches and 7 pounds! Tall girl! And LOL to the eyebrow gif, so funny and I love that movie. I like to use the Anasasia brow wiz, it's a pencil, you fill in your brows then use the little brush thingy on the other side to sort of blend in everything…I like it.

  10. Mrs. Southern Mama says:

    HAHA yes, that pic of M "judging" you is awesome. And my hubby loves Better Call Saul but I havent watched it. Guess I should!

  11. Oh girl, the eyebrows. Mine bleached as much as possible when I was a kid so my mom penciled them in. And now they are there but super light so I color them when I get my hair dyed.

  12. I often wonder how some people can write their own blog coding…. And I think I spelled that wrong

  13. Alycia says:

    Meg at Meg O On The Go just posted a great eyebrow tutorial!!! Go check it out!!!

  14. brittany says:

    oooh my gosh, i confess that we have been watching the bachelor as a family HA! i hadn't seen it in several seasons but it's been relatively tame this time around and madd thinks it's boring, luckily!!

  15. Oh those leggings can just be considered capris and last through summer now haha! Thats quite a major growth spurt!

  16. Jess Scott says:

    I JUST started coloring in my brows because I have NONE, and I can't believe I never did this before! I second Casey..I went to Sephora, and they suggested something subtle for me, so it wouldn't be overboard, and I LOVE IT. It's Too Faced Bulletproof Brows ( It's $30, so it's kind of expensive, but it's lasted for three months already, and it's nowhere near gone. And it's dummy proof…I have yet to mess up!

    MABEL! That face!!!! Serious judgement going on! 🙂 She's adorable!

  17. Mabel's face!! Lol!
    I hope Abigail's ear infection goes away quickly.
    And I'm pretty sure I watch The Bachelor for the epic recaps.

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