Spena Sister Comparisons

  1. Amy says:

    Love this. Such pretty ladies! I need to find some comparison pics of the boys today. That will be my mission at nap!

  2. Kelly Mock says:

    Both gorgeous girls!

  3. So cute that they're wearing the same clothes! Cute girls!

  4. Do you know what's funny? Abigail looks just like she does now! Which, okay obviously. But Jordan and I are always like, I wonder what R will look like when she gets older, and it's just funny that she will end up looking like she does now just… older! So weird and awesome.

  5. OH my gosh, the pic of Abigail in the highchair- totally priceless. Are Mabel's eyes brown or hazel? Its hard to tell next to Abigails piercing blue eyes. Too cute!!!

  6. The 3rd picture in the high chairs is the one where I think they look the most alike. I love the side by sides in similar situations years apart. Abigail definitely has kept her same look through the years. Mabel looks like your hubby and I think I need to see your baby pictures to make a call on who really looks like who 🙂

  7. This is so cute!! I can't wait to do these with my girls…even though I am 100% sure they will look nothing alike #adoptionprobs but they will both be as sweet as can be!!

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