These Are My Confessions

  1. Um … I have worked out ONE time since Avalon was born. Yep, once. And it lasted eight minutes b/c I put her in the gym nursery and she started crying so they came and got me out!

  2. Girl. Chickfila twice in one week sounds pretty normal to me, lol!:) And so does the whole not working out thing. It's just SO dang hard with kids. So hard. I know that shouldn't be an excuse, but gosh, if kids aren't the best excuse, I don't know what is!!! Thanks for joining in, Court:)

  3. I am so with you on the working out train, I haven't worked out since maybe October. With being busy and the awful weather my motivation is non existent. The fact I wear baggy sweaters constantly in winter gives me no reason to work out.

  4. Rebecca Lee says:

    I thought at first you meant you'd already had CFA twice today! It's not even 10am!! 😉
    But really, I wouldn't judge even if that were true.

  5. Rebecca Lee says:

    I thought at first you meant you'd already had CFA twice today! It's not even 10am!! 😉
    But really, I wouldn't judge even if that were true.

  6. Tawnya Faust says:

    Oh my goodness, I always spell calendar wrong too!! And yay for sweater weather! 😉

  7. Ha, I love super detailed birth photos!!! I have a picture where Liam's head and shoulders are out but arms are still tucked in and I love it! But wow, you really see it all!!!

  8. Jenn says:

    Don't feel day I had Chick Fil A three times. I made sure to go to different ones so they didn't recognize me. shhhhhh

  9. We ALMOST have the same CFA order. I just go with a DDP instead of coke! xx

  10. yay no pickles! i hate pickles but i especially hate them on chik fil a sandwiches because they like soak into the bread and you can't untaste it.
    birth photos seem like they would scare me.

  11. Jess Scott says:

    Hahaha, I found a video on Chad's phone of me in the birth tub screaming from contractions. DELETE!! NO thanks!!!!! I am SO jealous that you have Chickfila. I would be there too many times a week. And since my jeans still button (although the thighs are getting a bit tight), I have yet to hit the gym either. I am hoping to start next week. Ha. Hahaha. I'm already laughing at myself.

  12. Hannah says:

    If only I could eat Chick fil a – I would be there multiple times a week. That place is amazing. I'm only slightly jealous 😉 And misspelling calendar 99% of time? I do that too! For the life of me, I cannot get it right the first time. You would think… but no. You are not alone in that! Also, yes to How I Met Your Mother – love it!

  13. We are supposed to get a Chick fil A here very soon. Was announced about 3 months ago and I can't wait. For now, I have to wait to go to California for it. So good. No shame on having it twice already.

  14. Mrs. Southern Mama says:

    Your Chick Fil A order is spot-on! Except I *randomly* do enjoy the pickles with. It surprises me that I do, because I feel like pickles with chicken in itself is a bit strange, but for some reason I like it. 😛

  15. I love the Ron gif!!! And you're not alone when it comes to cookies; I ate 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in 2 days. Oh the shame!

  16. I've been craving Chick-fil-a for like FOREVER now. I need to go. But no spicy for me! Yuck!
    Also, I was actually going to ask you… what is your secret to getting back into such good shape after having Mabel because I'm pretty sure you look 100% better than me and my baby is… 3.5 years old. Insert monkey covering eyes face. You must not have just eaten 2 boxes of thin mints like I just did…

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