Sadie Sky Boutique Giveaway + Review

  1. I always love your girls' bows – so cute! If only Mila would actually let me put them in her hair. I want to buy so many things in Jess's shop, but nope. My kid has to be difficult. One day she will let me put bows in her hair and I will be able to stock up on these adorable bows.

  2. Jess Temple says:

    Love you girls so, so much! Also, these pictures are THEE cutest!!!

  3. So cute!! It's probably a good thing I'm not a girl mom. I might have to check them out for a friend's shower though.

  4. Oh girl, I'm a boy mom and I LOVE her bows!!! Thank goodness for nieces and for friends who have girls so I can get my fix in 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    I am dying. Abigail's curls, Mabel's cheeks & that little chubby hand on her hip. This boy mom is swooning over all of those bows. I love the style!

  6. Oh, whoa, the little green shirt and grey sweater outfit that Mabel has on. SUPER cute. And Abigail's hair is curled. SO sweet!

  7. Sadie Sky are some of our FAVORITES! And, Jess's spring line is absolutely gorgeous!! I've got my eye on SEVERAL bows that I think Julia needs in her collection!

  8. Mrs. Southern Mama says:

    All of her bows on your gals are SO CUTE! But then again, it would be hard for them not to be cute! 😛

  9. Just adore Jess! She makes the most beautiful bows.

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