For Mabel

  1. ashley says:

    This is the sweetest, Courtney! Your love for her radiates! Happy birthday, Mabel!

  2. Paige says:

    AW, What a nice reflection on your journey with Mabel. Enjoy the day celebrating your sweet girl’s birth!

  3. Amy says:

    What a special tribute to your sweet Mabel. It’s surely amazing how fast 365 days can go, isn’t it?

    PS My parents have that rocking chair from when my sister & I were little. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Rachel Zimm says:

    What a wonderful post!
    Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Mabel!!

  5. Kelly says:

    Such a sweet, sweet post!! Happy 1st Birthday, Mabel!

  6. Jena says:

    Isn’t it amazing how, looking back, the hard times seem so worth it… because they lead you to something better than you could have ever imagined? Obviously not the same situation, but I feel that way about my husband. I’d do all of the heartbreaks over again, if it meant that I would end up with him. I’m so, so happy for you and your family. Mabel looks like SUCH a big girl in that rocking chair! Happy Birthday, little darling!

  7. Kelly says:

    Oh this is so beautiful! And so is miss Mabel! Those photos are just gorgeous! Please give her extra birthday hugs from me and Hallie!

  8. Jamie says:

    You have me in tears over here. She is too sweet (and I love that dress!). We always wonder what God’s plan is, and this right here is such a great example of it. I still can’t believe she’s 1!

  9. Amanda says:

    So sweet. Happy 1st birthday, Miss M!

  10. Oh my goodness. You’re making me cry!

  11. Leslie says:

    Oh, the tears! What a sweet, sweet post. I absolutely love this, Courtney! Happy birthday, sweet little Mabel!!

  12. Megan says:

    All the tears over here! Such a beautiful letter.
    Happy birthday Mabel!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Courtney says:

    Beautiful post =) Such a gift she is, and a whole year old now.

  14. Jess Beer says:

    Why oh why do you always make me cry at work!?!?

    Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Mabel girl!

  15. Danielle says:

    Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can’t believe she is one.

  16. Stefanie says:

    What a sweet post! XOXO Happy 1st Birthday, Mabel!

  17. Ashley Dorey says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Sweet Mabel!! You are such a lucky little girl to have a mama who loves you so, so much!

  18. I love this post with every fiber of my being. And just like your wait for Mabel was so worth it, I think this post sitting in drafts for the year made it even better once you hit publish. The sweetest reflection on both Mabel’s first year, as well as the time leading up to her arrival. I just love it. And her! Presh girl looks so stinking sweet in those photos!!!:)

  19. Meghan says:

    Happy Birthday Mabel! Oh how these moments are even more precious when you wait so long and try so hard for them!

  20. brittany says:

    oh gracious. i cannot even handle all this without getting teary!! looking at the journey so far is just too beautiful. i am so happy for your sweet fam. happy birthday to that mabel girl of yours! she is beyond precious!

  21. Jennifer says:

    This is beautiful. I needed this. I love reading happy endings…well really happy beginnings ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Desiree says:

    Legit bawling. Can’t make it stop.
    Courtney, this is the sweetest, most raw, perfect post.
    Happiest of Birthdays to Mabel!!

  23. Jessica says:

    Happy birthday Mabel! Such a beautiful, joy filled and honest letter.

  24. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to a darling little girl. It’s been quite a journey and I’m so happy this little nugget is in your family. And those little whisps of hair… I can’t believe how big she’s looking. Time slow down ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Elise says:

    Is it weird that I started tearing up before even reading a word?!??! AHHHH. Bless that sweet angel Mabel girl. Ohhh my heart. One year!!! Goodness gracious….!

  26. Chrissy says:

    It seems unreal that she is already one! What a little miracle baby! She looks so adorable and happy in all her beautiful photos.

  27. Brittany @ PerpetuallyDaydreaming says:

    So sweet. What a beautiful letter! Happy Birthday Mabesy!

  28. Laura Keenan says:

    And now I’m crying!!! What a gift to your family Mabel is! I seriously love how happy & smiley she is. And I swear she is destined for my little Finn! I can hope!

  29. So beautiful! Happy birthday Miss Mabel!

  30. kristen says:

    oh for petes sake, sobbing like a fool over here. happy belated birthday to Mabel. i love how much you love your girls. i know everyone loves their kids, but seriously. it just radiates out of you. love it. that sounds corny but it just makes me want to squeeze everybody.

  31. Crystal Hall says:

    I am in tears reading this sweet post!! Mabel is one loved little gal! Happy first birthday precious doll!

  32. OH my goodness this was just the sweetest! I thought, oh my goodness she’s pregnant! But then quickly realized it was an old post…sneaky girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Whitney says:

    LOVED this and can relate to cherishing every minute of the blessing because of the wait and longing for it.

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