The Last Of Arizona

  1. Jessica says:

    What an amazing time with your parents. I see nothing wrong with being in bathing suits and pajamas the majority of the time. Glad your travels were successful and you had happy kiddos. Welcome home!

  2. Kelly says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I used to pass the Horny Toad all the time when I was up in Cave Creek, but never actually ate there. You should try El Encanto next time you’re in Cave Creek πŸ™‚ It has amazing Mexican food and there’s a pond right outside the dining area!

  3. Jessica Beer says:

    So glad those little gifts put a smile on all your faces while you were there. Glad you made it home safe! <3

  4. Nicole says:

    Welcome home!!! I think it’s so amazing how even little babies can just sense that they are home. I love how Mabel got excited when she knew she was back with her stuff haha. Enjoy being back in Joplin πŸ™‚

  5. Amanda says:

    Oh man. 3-hour drive back after flying. The worst! But glad you made it πŸ™‚ Love Mabel and her swim goggles! Sometimes I wonder if R knows when she is back at home after being at daycare, but I think she does because she seems excited when I walk inside with her!

  6. Amy says:

    Swimsuits & PJs are the perfect summer attire! Glad you made it home safely!

  7. Jamie says:

    There’s no place like home πŸ™‚ I love all the pool time you had there! Definitely jealous. So cute that Mabel was happy to be home!

  8. Looks like some quality time with family! Jealous of the In and Out!

  9. Whitney says:

    I wouldnt mind being in pjs all day because we both know a bathing suit isnt an option haha. We have the picnic play set and both my girls love it too. Those so songs are pretty catchy πŸ˜‰

  10. Super jealous of those burgers. They look delicious! Glad you guys got home safely. Thinking of you!

  11. kristen says:

    sounds like a fabulous time πŸ™‚ pjs or swimsuits? that sounds way better than proper clothes lol. and now i want in and out. good to hear abigail loved the pool and swimming so much πŸ™‚

  12. Courtney says:

    Welcome back to MO!!!

  13. What a fun time you had with your parents. I loved seeing your sweet girls living it up in grandparent land. Their pool is really amazing and I’m glad they got to love on you all for weeks πŸ™‚ I’m sure it’s nice to be home. Thinking of you as you settle back into life at home!

  14. Laura Keenan says:

    As always, such a fun visit with your parents! And that pic of Mabel with the bonnet, goggles, & toys?! I die!

  15. Desiree says:

    Swim suits and PJs sounds like the perfect way to spend the summer days (speaking from experience).
    So glad you had such a good time in AZ, and hope you’re adjusting well back in MO.

  16. I hope your time in AZ was exactly what you needed. I’m excited to see the girls back home in their space. Miss M is the sweetest with her love of her room and books.

  17. What fun! You do such a great job taking pictures of your time. I’m sure your parents are seriously missing having you guys there, but I know it feels amazing to be home too!

  18. brittany says:

    oh, what precious time you got with your parents!!! i bet it was so hard to leave!! that perfect routine, girl, that is my kind of routine right there!! and stop it. mabel with the goggles. no. i cannot deal!!!! she is unreal cute. and abigail diving! i am seriously impressed! i so wish we could have play dates. πŸ™‚ anyway, welcome home!! i hope it’s good to be back in your own little space!!

  19. Jessica says:

    Mabel in that sun hat…oh my, so stinking adorable. I am impressed that it appears she just keeps it on. We live close to an In-N-Out and I think most people where I live would deem it acceptable to eat there once a day! And Abigail’s dress in those last restaurant pictures is adorable. Welcome home. Even though I don’t know you personally, I’ve been praying for you and your transition back home.

  20. Elise says:

    The sweetest conglomeration of pics ever. Sissys get me every time!! xx

  21. ashley brickner says:

    So glad you had the best time and that now you are back home! Love the pics!

  22. Julie Joy says:

    What a fun and beautiful trip! Always love the pics and videos on snap chat! πŸ™‚

  23. Sarah S. says:

    Glad you made it safely back home and I hope you are settling back in nicely. I love all of your photos!!!!

  24. Stefanie says:

    So many cute pictures! It looks like you had a great time!

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