Boosting Breakfast With Gerber Lil’ Bits

  1. I haven’t tried any berries with Miller yet, maybe I’ll look for this the next I pick up baby food.

  2. Amanda says:

    So yummy! Great job with the post, girl 🙂

  3. Crystal says:

    And this is exactly why I don’t share recipes on my blog! I have nothing original to share. I like cooking, but I am not great at it at all. Hey, at least it’s edible (most of the time). Mabel is a doll! She seems to be enjoying her breakfast!!

  4. brittany says:

    we had brinner tonight!! i LOVE brinner! i am also notttt in love with cooking. also mabel is THE cutest!!

  5. Kerry says:

    These are great ideas. Parker doesn’t like oatmeal but might just eat it this way!

  6. How is your baby even old enough to feed herself? She needs to stay a 1 year old and never grow older. Ever.

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