December Life

  1. Jessica says:

    Merry Christmas lady! Have safe travels and enjoy your family!

  2. Amy says:

    Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful time with your family!

  3. Ali says:

    Our daycare does “Pajamuary” and you get to drop your kiddies off in PJs for the whole month. Easy cozy mornings for everyone! It’s the best.

  4. Tay Harwod says:

    I love this! Love the photo by the piano. I see Mabel playing the wrapping. My 1 year old and 6 year old boys had a blast using them as light sabers and of course megaphone AJ my one year old got a real kid out of the wrapping tube megaphone

  5. Hooray for cozy pj days!! LOVE that picture of your family leaving IKEA. I’m impressed with your short trip and definitely think you need to do some browsing next time. I had to reread your line about the poster because I first thought you said you were buying a cinnamon roll poster. haha Glad December was such a good one!

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