22 Months Of Mabel!

  1. Brittany Rae says:

    I think I say this every month but how is she almost two. I love these posts because it is so sweet and adorable to see how she learns and grows each month. I of course don’t have any babes of my own-but I do work with preschoolers so a few of them are in this stage as well. My name isn’t a walk in the park to say but is adorable to hear them try. My favorite rendition is Bert-ney. Lol.

  2. Jessica says:

    I love that she was making he splat noise during a storm! And that is one of my favorite books to read because I love getting all silly doing the various noises. Calling Jim “nana” is just hysterical and one of the reasons I love little kids. They do things and we never know exactly why but I am sure she has a logical reason why she does so. And, as for the paci, you win some, you lose some. But remember, she’s not even two, so don’t stress about it. Funny story though, my sis in law went from my nephew being able to suck on his pacifier to him holding it and I remember the little guy being so tired and crying and she handed it to him and he fell aslep cuddling his paci. It was so cute.

  3. Laura Keenan says:

    Finn is in a size 8 shoe! Holy big feet kids! And if you are doing a MMC party, you obviously need a hot dog bar!

  4. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side says:

    Size 7, I think that’s big too, my 3.5 year old is in a size 8-8.5! I love these updates…

  5. kristen says:

    oh, love that she calls jim nana. so cute. and how adorable that she gives the pacis over in the morning. so cute. can’t believe she’s already almost 2!

  6. Amanda says:

    yay, glad she’s doing okay without her pacis all day! she’s a smart cookie 🙂

  7. Jess says:

    Oh my goodness – she’s Louise’s twin! I felt like I was reading her update!! What a CUTIE!!! The personality right now is amazing – so many new, fun things!!! Hope you are feeling great!! I’ve been a silent stalker! 😉

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