Summer Lovin

  1. Ashley says:

    WHY does Abigail look 15 in that Lowe’s picture?! So precious!

  2. Crystal says:

    The girls are so precious in their matching swimsuits! I love that their bond has gotten closer from sharing a room. And oh my word…so cute that they got themselves up and ready for donuts!! Donuts motivate me like that, too. Haha. That pineapple bliss trailer is so cute! Sounds like a great summertime treat. So glad you guys are enjoying and making the most of your summer.

  3. Jessica says:

    I love seeing all the pictures of the girls. And it’s fun hearing about swim lessons. We’ve put the kids in them every year, but I failed to sign them up this year…oops.

  4. Whitney says:

    I”m glad swimming lessons went so well! Good job girlies! And their matchy swim suits get me every time. They’re so darn cute. Make them match forever, please 🙂

  5. Laura Keenan says:

    That first picture is epic! And I love that their bond has grown since sharing a room. I really want my boys to get excited about sleeping together (even though they have separate rooms), but no one is especially pumped for that yet. Ha, maybe when Kane arrives!

  6. Britt Hanson says:

    They are just so so precious!

  7. Mabel is such a character! And I love the sister bond. So very sweet.

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