My Hospital Bag!

  1. kristen says:

    i will have to save this for ‘one day’ as i know i will over pack and try to be as prepared as possible. so cute that Abigail helped you pack, and ugh those little baby clothes are so cute! can totally see why you over packed for him. can’t wait to meet him!

    • says:

      I mostly just over pack because I want to have plenty of clothing options for me and baby depending on how I feel! I totally know I don’t really need any of it, but I want it with me :p

      I can’t wait to meet him either!! So soon!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Is Finn’s sheet from target?! ? I saw it there recently and wanted to buy it even though I really had no need. Don’t forget chapstick for yourself. I swear my lips have dried out each time I stayed in the hospital. Also, does Jim stay with you the whole time at the hospital? I’m just curious about him needing a bag, that’s all.

    • says:

      It is!! Isn’t it so cute?! That Cloud Island line is insanely adorable.

      And he does! At the very least he never leaves me by myself- he stayed with me the entire time with Abigail and only ventured out briefly after I had Mabel to take some things to Abigail where she was staying. Oh, and he left me briefly to go downstairs and get me a latte :p But yeah, he doesn’t need like a suitcase, but a small duffel bag will do the trick!

  3. Amy says:

    My #1 thing both times was lotion and lip balm! Even just being in the hospital for 24 hours, I found it SO dry, and just putting lotion on after a quick shower, using those exact makeup remover wipes you linked , I felt like a new woman!

    • says:

      I am OBSESSED with those makeup remover wipes. They’re amazing! And yes- great call on the lip balm and lotion! Maybe I can get a few last foot rubs out of Jim before my pregnancy time is officially over :p

  4. Amanda says:

    Two deliveries and I still haven’t showered at the hospital ? Don’t judge me!

    • says:

      Totally zero judgement! I didn’t shower at the hospital after I had Abigail- so I get it! I did after Mabel though and it was pretty nice, so I figure I might as well be prepared to do that again :p

  5. I can’t believe it’s almost Finn time!! The only thing I’d add to your list would be an extension cord. The outlets in my hospital rooms have always been in THE WORST places and my phone charger would never reach. That and snacks because I was always STARVING during my hospital stays. That’s so sweet that Abigail got to pack Finn’s bag. I can’t wait to see those sibling pictures of the girls meeting him. I can almost hear their sweet little squeals of delight.

    • says:

      You know I didn’t have this problem at all either time! (Of course, I didn’t have a smart phone with Abigail, so I suppose it wasn’t really an issue back in 2010 :p) But I’ll be delivering at the same hospital as I did with Mabel, so I assume it should be just fine? Same with the snacks- I packed them with Abigail and was SOOO glad I did, but I was at a new hospital with Mabel and they have a snack closet/pantry thing that is just open 24/7 for L&D patients. Pretty sweet!

      And oh my gosh- I can’t wait for that either!!

  6. brittany says:

    ahh you’e so prepared!!! so exciting!!!

    • says:

      I just don’t want to be running around trying to pack things in active labor like last time with Mabel lol. Lesson learned!

  7. Laura Keenan says:

    I never packed a hospital bag ahead of time because I always used things daily too! Also, I have a birthing ball, but don’t really use it in labor. Do you bounce? Lay on it? I need help!

    • says:

      Things were just so rushed and panicked with getting to the hospital with Mabel that I want to be as ready as absolutely possible!

  8. Ivory says:

    It appears that you got everything. Tge cute outfits, pampers etc. for you, mom, you have cute, yet smart comfort clothing and shoes. I don’t think I will every forget this, (althought I forget much), Ithe pants I took after giving birth to my son, I could not fasten them. Thank God I did pack a long top. For sure, ‘you got this’

    • says:

      I’m fully planning on wearing maternity leggings and jeans all fall and winter! ha! No buttons for meeee!

  9. Whitney says:

    I overpacked for Baby too! But not sure if this guy will be a peanut like his sisters and wear NB or be a chunk and require 0-3m sizes!! I need more details about YOUR going home outfit!

    • says:

      Both of my girls wore NB for like a month…so I’m expecting more of the same. But we shall see I guess! 🙂

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